A girl, I mean a doll, can never have too many purses or bags in my opinion! Especially when they are so easy to make using materials you probably already have on hand such as fabric scrap, felt, construction paper, and the ever popular Duck Tape! One of our readers, Delaney, sent in this easy tutorial for making a doll tote bag using duck tape and I tried it out, making a tote bag for Julie.

how to make an easy tote bag for dolls

Julie has some errands to run today so her new tote back is going to come in handy! I used Delaney’s basic pattern and changed a few things, but the end result is the same – Cuteness!

Step 1 – Cut two pieces of Duct Tape 8″ long and lay them side by side. Delaney did this step twice, folding the 8″ strips in half to make two squares with the sticky sides together. I taped my Duck Tape strips to construction paper (you could use felt or fabric too), trimmed it and just folded the one long piece in half.

Step 2 – Place the two squares together and tape three of the four sides together using the same color or contrasting Duct Tape. You have to leave one end open for your doll to put stuff in her bag. Like I said above, I used one long piece folded in half so I just taped two of the sides.

Step 3 – Make straps for your bag by cutting a 9″ strip of Duck Tape and folding it in half, stick sides together. If you want wide straps, repeat this step. For narrower straps, cut the folded piece in half lengthwise to get two straps (this is what I did).

Step 4 – Tape the straps inside the bag and you are almost done. Of course, you could make your straps from ribbon, string, or by braiding a ribbons, too.

Step 5 – Add some embellishment to your bag. Delaney added a paper flower to hers. I took three fun foam hearts and stacked them using double sided foam adhesive to make them “pop.”

Be creative! Try out different materials and embellishments to make a fun accessory for your dolls.

Thanks Delaney for taking the time to send in the photos and the instructions.