I hope you had fun getting your Groovy 70s party all set up yesterday using the Day 72 Doll Play post as your guide! Today we have a fun printable game and some more decorations for you to add to your party. Again, the idea and photos are thanks to Sharry (Hardygirl66 on YouTube) and the printable is something I made.

doll play record match game

Your dolls will love playing “The Record Match Game”.  Half of the records have the title of the songs, and the other half have the singers. Tape the records on the wall or mix them up and arrange them on a table to set up the game.

Each doll will have 30 seconds to match the correct title to the singer. The host of the party should have a complete list of the right answers. (The records Sharry used look different, because she printed them from her own computer before I had a chance to make them.) You don’t have to use 1970’s songs and bands in your game – but it will make it more challenging. Maybe ask your parent to write the songs on one record and the singers on the other to make it more challenging for you.

Record match game for dolls

Sharry’s Springfield Collection girl Susan is great at this game, she got them all right!

printable record match game

Download the Record Match Game and groovy decorations printable as a PDF file.

Depending on how many records you want in your game, you may want to print out two or three sheets.

Have a groovy day!!