Day 7 Torch Relay

To say I’m excited for the Summer Olympics in London this summer is quite the understatement. With every commercial for the games that I see and every Olympic Trials report I read I get more and more excited. The Olympic Torch was lit in Greece on May 10, 2012. It made its ceremonial trip around Greece and on May 17 it was handed over to Great Britain to begin its journey mile by mile, runner by runner to London. There are 8,000 runners who will carry the torch on its journey of 8,000 miles in 70 days.

Our dolls are caught up in the Olympic excitement too!

Doll Play Olympic Torch Relay

Favorite Friends doll McKayla is carrying the torch as she arrives in Dollville to make the hand off to her fellow athlete, McKenna. Cheering them on from the sidewalk are AG Ivy, Little Miss Matched Sporty Girl, AG Gwen, Ellowyne Wilde Woeful Romance and AG Marisol.

Doll Play Olympic Torch Relay

McKayla hands the Olympic Torch to McKenna and reminds her of the Olympic motto – faster, higher, stronger, then wishes her well as McKenna starts her one mile run.

Doll Play Olympic Torch Relay

McKenna is off as her friends all cheer her on.

Doll Play Olympic Torch Relay

Little Miss Matched Sporty Girl made a flag with the Olympic logo on one side and the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship on the other.

Doll Play Day 7 Torch Relay So, are your dolls ready to be a part of Olympic history and run in the torch relay, too? Yes, I have a printable! Print out today’s activity sheet and make an Olympic torch for your dolls. You can use the printed pieces I have created for you or you can get creative and use fun foam, construction paper or brown bag paper for the torch and tissue paper, pipe cleaners or shiny wrapping paper for the flame. Don’t forget to decorate your flags showing your Olympic spirit, too.

Download the Day 7 Olympic Torch printable activity sheet as a PDF file.

You can be sure there will be plenty more Olympic themed activities as the summer goes on! What is your favorite sport to watch in the Olympic games? My favorites are definitely gymnastics, swimming, diving, high jump, and beach volleyball – although I do enjoy watching every sport except boxing and wrestling.

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