Thanks for being patient about today’s doll play being posted so late. Natalie had a great swim meet – she got the bronze medal (3rd place) in the backstroke and her relay got the gold (1st place) and her brother did well this afternoon, but it was a LONG day. Anyhow, speaking of patient, today’s doll play activity is to give your dolls a check up!

doll play check up

Here is our dear Bitty Baby named Penelope. She is dressed in the Bitty Baby Hospital Gown that we picked up in American Girl’s clearance sale for $4. It came with the gown, a cap and a certificate of good health. For today’s activity, I made you a doll checklist and health certificate you can use for your dolls.

Doll Play doll checkup printable

Download the doll checkup printable activity as a PDF file.

If your doll needs some TLC, check out the following resources for bringing her back to health: