Why is today’s doll play activity so late? Well, because we are going to have fun around the campfire! Today’s sponsor, The Queen’s Treasures, has two great new sets for outdoorsy girls coming out at the end of this month that make setting up a campfire scene so much fun. The Great Outdoors Fishing Adventure set and the Great Outdoors Wilderness set will not disappoint – they are made to the same high standards we have come to expect from The Queen’s Treasures! So, let’s get started.

Fishing adventure set from The Queens Treasures

McKenna has been out fishing all afternoon while Chrissa was taking a nap in the tent. McKenna is so proud of her catch and is already imagining the photo of her award winning catch hanging on the wall at school. She is wearing the new Fishing Adventure outfit from The Queens Treasures (although the boots are really Emily’s). The Fishing Adventure outfit consists of a long sleeved t-shirt, camoflauged printed cargo pants, and a pocketed vest. I think the fish are so adorable! They are wooden and painted so beautifully.

The Queens Treasures Fishing Adventure Set

Chrissa suggests that they roast some marshmallows and then have S’mores while they tell Ghost Stories, sing songs and tell jokes. You could easily make your own marshmallow roasting sticks for your dolls using a paper clip that has been unfolded and then twisted back together and packing popcorn or clay for marshmallow.

The Queens Treasures Wilderness Adventure Set

The two girls start roasting their marshmallows and McKenna gives Chrissa some fishing tips in preparation for Chrissa’s chance at catching fish tomorrow.

The fire circle that comes in the Wilderness set is HEAVY. It has a ring of “rocks”, logs that look real and felt flames for the fire. At first I wasn’t too sure about the felt flames, but when you consider safety and ease of storing, it makes a lot of sense. (Here is a way to make a fire circle of your own using things around the house.) The baskets are just too cute, but they are very fragile – I would use them more for display than real hands on playing.


McKenna put away the roasting sticks, went to get the rest of the ingredients for S’mores. You can make S’mores for your dolls using fun foam or construction paper cut into doll sized squares and layered using the colors you see in a real one. I just LOVE these Adirondack chairs that come in the Wilderness set. They are solid wood and fit everyone from our 14″ dolls up to the 18″ American Girl dolls.

The Queens Treasures Wilderness set

Yum!! McKenna has been looking forward to her S’mores all day!! This photo also gives you a better look at the vest and pants in her fishing outfit.

The Queens Treasures Wilderness set

Chrissa and McKenna continue their discussion on fishing and fishing techniques – the net or the fishing pole – that seems to be the point of discussion!

And now are you ready for the printable – this one is more for you than the dolls.

Around the Campfire Maze

Download the Around the Campfire Maze activity sheet as a PDF file.

What do you like to do best when you go camping? Eat S’mores? Tell stories? Sing? Or play games?