Today’s doll play activity is simple and easy! Hair bows can take any outfit from so-so to so-cute in a matter of moments and if you can fold a fan, you can make some super cute hair bows for your dolls in minutes!

doll play make easy hair bows

Starting with the finished product, models Alex (MyAG with curly honey blonde hair who had her pin curls cut by Natalie years ago – yikes) and Kailey (retired Girl of the Year)!! Aren’t they cute? I don’t have my regular camera today so I apologize for the so-so photos ahead of time.

Materials needed:

  • Duck tape or fabric squares in colors of your choice
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Ponytail holder (pony-o’s, hair bands, elastics – what ever you call them)

Make an easy hair bow for dolls or girls

Step 1 – Measure two pieces of duck tape in the color of your choice to be 8″ long. Overlap the two pieces of tape to make one piece. If you are using felt, fabric or wide ribbon your starting piece should be about 4″ wide by 4″ tall.

Make an easy hair bow for dolls or girls

Step 2 – Fold the ends of the duct tape inward to the center to cover all the sticky. Your piece will end up being about 4″ wide by 4″ tall. For felt, fabric or wide ribbon, skip this part. At this point you should also have a ponytail near by and you need to cut a narrow piece of duck tape in a coordinating or the same pattern.

Make an easy hair bow for dolls or girls

Step 3 – Fold the square back and forth like a fan and slide the ponytail in between a set of folds.

Make an easy hair bow for dolls or girls

Step 4 – Attach the narrow strip of duck tape to one side of the bow and wrap it all the way around the bow, making sure the ponytail holder is inside the wrapped area. Keep wrapping the narrow strip until it secures itself.

Step 5 – Secure your doll’s hair in a ponytail first. While this is not required, I always find it looks nicer if I secure it with a simple elastic first and then add the decorative bow second.

Step 6 – Place the bow on top of the ponytail and position it how you want it to look. Next wrap the elastic around 2-3 times to keep the bow securely in place. This method of placement keeps the bow from getting squished.

Make an easy hair bow for dolls or girls

And you are done! The bows areย reusable, look great and the best part – you can wear them too!

Happy Monday!