Doll Play Day 6 – Open a Pet Spa

Doll Play idea - open a pet spa

It’s time to get the doll’s real best friends in on the fun. That’s right, the pets are looking for a little extra special love today and what better way to show them your love then to set up a Pet Spa!

Doll play idea set up a pet spa

Olivia and Callie are excited for the grand opening of their pet spa and they already have some eager customers!! Gray kitty and Barksee can not wait to get checked in.

Doll play idea set up a pet spa

Olivia has the check in sheets ready to go and is going to fill out all the essentials for each of the pets. Meanwhile Callie has made a new tag for Barksee and just finished tying it around his neck. Licorice the cat is hoping she will get called next and Coconut is fast asleep in her bed behind Callie after her morning brush out, massage and aromatherapy session.

Barksee the dog

Barksee is so excited about getting a new dog tag that he can’t even stand still long enough for Callie to write his name on it.

100 Days of Doll Play Pet Spa printable That little story started should be enough to get your creativity going so that you can make a pet spa of your own that both your dolls and their pets will LOVE. And the printable, why of course! The printable page for today’s Pet Spa activity includes Pet Spa check in sheets for you to print out plus the patterns for making pet tags of your own on paper, fun foam or felt. There are also some additional ideas for making your pet spa fabulous!

Download the Pet Spa printable page as a PDF file.

For more crafts and activities you can do to add to your pet spa experience:

I hope you liked today’s activity! See you again tomorrow!

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  1. too awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and firstie!!!!!

  2. aglover says:

    but char i do not have any AG pets

  3. You don’t have to use AG pets! Use any stuffed animals you might have – big or small.

  4. I suddenly had a vision of Starburst in a pet spa, lol.

    Another idea is to wrap tin foil around the tags, if you want that real pet tag look. Oh, the fun I shall have.

  5. aglover says:

    ok char any ideas of pets i can use? char i have over 65 barbies can i take a picture and send to you

  6. Lena – I meant to put Starburst in the picture and got distracted!! Wrapping the tags in tin foil is fantastic idea. If you get your pet spa set up we’d love to see some photos!

  7. Sure.

  8. Anastasia says:

    Cool. Lulu will soon become one very pampered bunny.

  9. Unfortunatly, I recently moved (*cough4monthsagocough*) and can’t find the cord to plug my camera into the computer. The card thing doesn’t read the camera’s card either.

    Thanks for saving me from a boeing summer with these though.

  10. I used to use a zuzu pets bed for a pet bed for ags

  11. YES I LOVE MAKEING THINGS FOR THE PETS! this is soooo cute!

  12. I have to do this right now! This is so cute!

  13. Cute! I can’t make it tonight though cause I have my dance rehearsals for ballet and irish :)

  14. aww so cute! I had actually made a doll Health insurance card LOL!

  15. i love this idea! its my favorite so far! awesome gail that sounds so cute. i can have a pet spa for lulu, sombrita, coconut, quinn, my bbw jack russel terrior, jacey, bbw huskey, and coal, bbw black lab!!!

  16. How cute!? :)

  17. Is Grey Cat a AG pet? I didn’t think so, but i saw it’s long tag, and my Choclate Chip ( Cece for short) has that too.

  18. mel- what is bbw? :)

  19. Madeline says:

    OMG! I have to try this out with my pokemon plush Zorua!

  20. erica- grey is a ag pet, i think its kirstins and it comes with her grey kitten

  21. The grey kitten came with Kirsten’s cats, called “Missy and grey kitten”. I don’t think it ever had a name in cannon.

  22. Erica – its Build a Bear Workshop