Doll Play Day 59 Make an Easy Doll Clutch and Play Money

Whether your doll want to go shopping for shoes, needs a gallon of ice cream or earns some cash babysitting, she will need something to put it in! Today’s activity is a super simple doll sized clutch purse and some printable play money. Even though we already have some doll sized money from an AG set, Natalie says you can never have too much money!

doll sized wallet

This is the finished product. An easy to make doll clutch wallet made from felt (you can use fabric or construction paper, too) and duck tape. The instructions are in the printable activity sheet at the end of this post.

Doll Play day 59 make a doll sized wallet and play money

Springfield Doll Madison shows off her new fashionable clutch on her way to the grocery store. Dressed like this I think she should really be going out to a nice dinner or movie instead.

Doll Play day 59 make a doll sized wallet and play money

Here is Madison at the local corner market shopping for a few items. The grocery shelves are from a previous doll play day on how to make shelves.

doll sized play money printable and purse instructions

Download the printable doll play money and purse instructions as a PDF file.

Of course you can be creative and add a shoulder strap to your purse or cut your fabric to a different shape  – use your imagination and experiment!

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    I love this! great job!

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  6. Cool! 😀 Okay, your website is SO popular!!! You just posted this like 8 minutes ago and it has lots of comments already!

  7. Cool! Madison’s outfit is gorgeous!

  8. Thanks – the top is from a Build-a-Bear outfit.

  9. I love your website so much!!! 😀 It is awesome! Keep up the great work! 😀 I love the crafts you post- do you think you could do more volleyball or gymnastics ones?:)

  10. Man wish getting money for myself was easy as press print!;) :,(

  11. Oh, I really love this one! We may print this one out tonight and play store!

  12. This is amazing.i am now old enough to just ride over to my friends house to play and this will be a perfect gift for my friend.and for us to play.we appreciate all you do char!don’t stop the dolls!

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    Yeah I wish it would be that easy to just press print. You know how rich I would be?

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    The Doll Diaries money is so adorable! I love it!

  16. cool, my build a bear that i don’t play or sleep with anymore has an identical shirt same color and everything as the doll in those pics above… =)

  17. I’ll haft to try this…

  18. cute!

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    I NEED to get duck tape; SOON!

  20. this look so cool !

  21. one of my favortite days of play!