McKenna and her friends took a Babysitter’s Certification course recently and have decided to create a Babysitter’s Club to help out the parents in their neighborhood. So for today’s day of doll play, set up your club using the printable Membership Cards and Babysitter’s Notes found below.

doll play scene babysitting

McKenna is helping out a neighbor by taking her baby for a walk in Dollville. The baby and stroller set are from American Girl and were released in 2005. They are long retired, but you may be able to find them on eBay.

doll play scene babysitting

Baby Cindy (our made up name for her) loves her lamby (a Littlest Pet Shop lamb) but is still a little fussy. McKenna stops the walk and leans over to check on the baby.

doll play scene babysitting

McKenna picks up Baby Cindy and gives her a hug. She remembers from her babysitting class that babies need a lot of love and attention and sometimes they just want to be held.

100 Days of Doll Play day 58 Babysitters Club

Download the Babysitting Fun activity for Babysitter’s Notes and Membership Cards for your dolls.

If you don’t think  your dolls are quite ready to babysit, you could always have them Pet Sit instead!

Have fun and use your imagination!