Are you ready?? The 2012 Olympic Games are FINALLY here!! I know not all of you are into sports or get as excited about the Olympics as I do, but I still hope you will join us in celebrating the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics!

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – -Take a photo of your doll – let’s keep this ONE doll per photo – wearing something her home country (Be creative! It doesn’t have to be where you live) might be wearing in the Parade of Nations, carrying her country’s flag or holding up a sign that says what country she represents. Try to make it pretty close up so we can really see her face and what country she is representing. You can find all the country flags at: – click on the country you want and you can find the flag in the right size for your dolls. Print it out and add it to your scene.
  • Step 2 – Use a graphics editor like or Paint to resize your photo to 540 pixels wide
  • Step 3 – Email your photo to me at and put Olympics in the subject line. Don’t forget to add a description.

American Girl Gwen wearing the USA Olympic Team Opening Ceremony uniform

Madelon is starting us off with Gwen wearing the same basic outfit that the US Olympic Team will be wearing this evening. According to Madelon, “I was watching the Today show this morning (something I am rarely home to do) and I saw the Opening Ceremony outfit. So, of course, I wanted to recreate it. Since it basically consist of a white skirt, red white and blue scarf and blue blazer, I sought those items from the collection. Gwen’s meet dress is white, so I turned it around so the embroidery wouldn’t show. I bought red, white and blue ribbon for July 4 and cut it for the scarf. An Our Generation horse riding blazer served as our jacket. I need to cut an old polo pony to make the logo, but don’t have time now. Finally, I used light-colored shoes on her feet.”

Go Team USA

From the stands we see Gwen and McKenna cheering on TEAM USA as they march into the arena. Thanks to Madelon for another great photo.

Representing Team Canada, we have Jillian and her horse! Thanks to Karen for sharing this photo.

Karen’s Maplelea doll Brianne and Chrissa are dressed in their Canadian spirit gear and are cheering on TEAM Canada as they enter the arena.

From aglover – McKenna and Josefina are cheering for Canada today! Go World!

Rosa Maria is supporting Italy for the Olympics. Sent in by Madison.

From Lena – Hailey & Mara playing a game of “which Olympic sport is better”

From Linda who visited with her granddaughters tonight and watched the Opening ceremonies. This is what they came up with when they got bored during the parade of nations….. but they didn’t get the idea of dressing in a country’s clothes.  Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne came for the Opening Ceremonies. The flag is from Doll Diaries 100 Days of Play, day 2 on a bamboo skewer with the point flattened. Cora’s Elizabeth and Cupcake Baby are the actors.

Also from Linda – Eva’s dolls will represent Sweden in the Olympics. Mia hopes to run in the Track event.

Also from Linda – Kit will be doing Gymnastics for Team Sweden. She has her equipment with her.

Another one from Linda – Lily’s Julie has been swimming since she was 6 years old. She will represent Ecuador.

From Mattie: These are my 5 dolls cheering for team USA at the Olympics. They will be watching gymnastics, track and field, and swimming. They loved the opening ceremony even if it was 5 hours long!(with lots of commercials) Left to right: Sarah, Emily, Emma, Mattie, below is Kanani.

Let’s go TEAM WORLD!! I can’t wait to share your entry into the parade!