I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for vacation! I still have to wait a few weeks, but a girl can dream can’t she? Today’s doll play activity is inspired by and brought to you by MyDollsLife.com (the retail brand of Sophia’s). I was on the new MyDollsLife.com website right after it launched and while I was playing around in their Play section of the site I thought the Beach Party scene would be fun to create – if I could just figure out how to make the Cabana. For those of you who saw yesterday’s Day of Play activity, this is what I was working on.

How to make a beach cabana for dolls

I used the doll box from the Doll Closet Day of Play activity and reworked it to be a cabana, complete with a “thatched” roof. The instructions for the cabana are in the PDF file below.

Sophia's Doll Jeep for American Girl 18" dolls

Carly (a Sophia’s 18″ doll) and Kyla (Journey Girls) have everything in the jeep, they’ve got their beach gear on and are on their way to meet their friend Gwen (retired AG) at the beach. They are driving the Sophia’s Jeep which is a total bargain compared to Julie’s VW. The jeep is sturdy pink plastic and easily fits two dolls. It has ample storage room in the back, knobby tires, a steering wheel, mirrors, windshield wipers, and is very easy to put together. It sells for $70 on the MyDollsLife.com site. I will do a full review on it soon, but I will tell you, our dolls have had a lot of adventures driving all over the house already.

Doll beach day

As Carly and Kyla pull up on the beach they see Gwen relaxing on her beach towel (which I made from a piece of felt) and playing with the seashells she collected this morning. Gwen is wearing a bathing suit, yellow cover up and yellow Polliwogs (Crocs) all from MyDollsLife.com (Sophia’s brand). The tent I picked up at the dollar store – it is supposed to be something you put over food at a picnic to keep the bugs off, but of course the second we saw it, Natalie and I both thought it would make a great tent for the little dolls.

My Dolls Life Sophia's doll wetsuit and boogie board

Carly could not wait to take her boogie board out into the ocean. Her wetsuit, boogie board and water shoes are all from Sophia’s and sold at MyDollsLife.com. The wetsuit is one of my favorite sets ever.

My Dolls Life Beach fun

Carly spent quite a bit of time in the water but her friends wanted her to come relax on the beach with them. Kyla and Carly are talking about what to do next when Carly suddenly says to Kyla – “what is up with your swim cover up?” Kyla snaps back, “What? Don’t you think it looks cute as a skirt?” To which Gwen quickly says, “No. It looks silly! You need to pull it up all the way like mine.”

Doll Cabana

One more look at the Cabana and Kyla wearing her swim cover up as a skirt. I made little paper lanterns for the beach, too. They are super easy. Cut a strip of paper about 3″ long and fold it long ways. Cut slits every 1/4″ but not all the way through. Glue the ends so it forms a circle, add a handle and you are done.

Instructions for how to make a doll cabana

Download the Cabana instructions as a PDF file.

For more fun and inspiration for your beach scene, visit MyDollsLife.com/play and choose the Beach Party. From there you can dress up your doll in her favorite beachy outfits – including the wet suit, cover ups, water shoes and swim suits – and add additional accessories and pets to make your scene perfect. Then you can recreate it using your dolls and the cabana you make today.