Have you seen the new TV show called Craft Wars yet? Natalie and I were having our own version of the show today – basically we both started with a cardboard box and our giant bin of craft supplies. I had a plan – I was working on tomorrow’s doll play activity and Natalie was coming up with her own spin on something you all can make. Natalie’s craft came together much faster than mine did so she gets the spotlight today. This simple craft is just to give you some ideas as to how to make a doll room in a box. The smaller the box, the smaller the dolls – the bigger the box, the bigger the dolls.

Doll Play Doll Room from a box

Natalie started with the shipping box our True Hope Moxie Girlz came in and then she cut the top flaps off. Next she cut the front panel on both sides so it could open up to make her room bigger. ย She covered the flap and sides with duck tape, made “carpet” from folded up tissue paper and used the flower shaped punch to make colored dots for the walls.

Doll Play Doll Room from a box

True Hope Avery and Monster High Draculaura are very happy with this fun and funky new room they have. She brought in the bedside table activity we did last week and Avery decided it makes a great chair. The bed is one that Natalie made the Monster High dolls a while back. She constructed it out of cardboard, cotton batting, scrap fabric and of course, DUCK TAPE.

Doll house in a box

A closer look at Draculaura lounging on the bed…

So basically you can get as creative as you wish on this activity. Use a shoe box and make rooms for your American Girl mini dolls, use a cereal box to make a room for Littlest Pet Shop or Pollys, bigger boxes are perfect for Hearts for Hearts Girls and even American Girl dolls.

Here are a few more sources of inspiration for you:

Stop back tomorrow to see what my creation turned out like and for the next doll play idea!