Our local bowling alley has a great special running in the summer on Tuesday mornings – all you can bowl for $4 per person – so we decided to take advantage of that this morning and have some fun. Of course, one of the dolls decided to come along and it made great inspiration for today’s doll play activity. There is a printable so you can make your own bowling pins and score cards for the dolls.

Little Miss Match goes bowling

Here is Hadley trying to decide how she is going to pick up that bowling ball!

doll play day 54 bowling

Using the printable below, I cut out the 10 bowling pins, folded over their tabs and secured the tabs to the floor with a piece of clear tape. By taping down the tabs, Chrissa can roll the bowling ball and pins will fall down but not really move. Chrissa is wearing the Our Generation Bowling Outfit and I made her bowling ball by swirling together two colors of Model Magic clay and putting them inside an empty Squinkies ball.

Doll play how to make a bowling ball

This is a closer look at Chrissa’s outfit and bowling ball I made her. I was able to get the ball to stay in her hand by using a clear hair elastic.

100 Days of Doll Play Bowling

Download the Bowling activity sheet as a PDF file.

You will need to print out two sheets in order to have enough bowling pins for your dolls to play a game. By stacking both sheets directly on top of each other I was able to cut two bowling pins at a time – and, then I also had two scoresheets.

I hope your dolls have fun playing with today’s activity!