A few months ago I reviewed a classic doll line that has been brought back againTerri Lee Dolls – and I just find the vintage charm of their dolls to be oh, so irresistible. Terri Lee is our sponsor for today’s activity and I figured since we have their Spring doll (they have four dolls all based on seasons) that it would be fun to make a flower garden for our dolls. Of course, little Terri Lee is our model today, but you can make these for any of your dolls!

How to make a doll sized flower garden

Supplies you will need for today’s activity:

  • An empty box from crackers, cookies, granola bars or cereal
  • Brown construction paper or fun foam
  • White construction paper or fun foam
  • A variety of bright colored construction paper or fun foam
  • 2 green pipe cleaners
  • A flower shaped scrapbooking punch or you can cut out the shape with scissors
  • Glue & scissors

How to make a doll sized flower garden

Step 1 – Cut the bottom section of the box off – mine is about 1″ high to make your flower bed. You can make it shorter, but you want to be able to “plant” your flowers easily.

Step 2 – Cover the box with brown construction paper or fun foam

Step 3 – Using scalloped edge scissors – or you could create pointy pickets by cutting little fence post shapes – create a fun edge on white fun foam or cardstock.

Step 4 – Cut the white “fence” so it is a little taller than your box and glue on three sides of the box.

Step 5 – Have a grown up put 5-6 holes in your box so you can “plant” your flowers. I used a skinny screwdriver.

Step 6 – Use a flower shaped punch or scissors to create 5-6 flower shapes.

Step 7 – Feed the green pipe cleaner stems through the center and cover the center with a bright circle or heart piece of fun foam

Step 8 – “Plant” your flowers by simply inserting the pipe cleaner stem into the hole punched in the box. You can rearrange or pick the flowers as often as you want.

Terri Lee Spring Doll

And ta-da, you are done. Little Miss Terri Lee loves her new flower bed!

How to make a doll sized flower bed

Seriously cute!! Her little cheeks are just too much. She is one of our Bitty Baby doll’s best friends and they can share clothes.

For today’s printable, there are four fun Terri Lee doll color-by-number pictures you can print and color. You can also color them in online if you want.

And if you want to make a vegetable garden, too, check out the doll sized garden craft Karen did for us earlier this year.

Have a great day!