First of all, can you believe this is DAY 50 of our 100 Days of Doll Play????  Summer is moving right along and I am so glad you are here to enjoy it with us! Second, my apologies for today’s activity being posted so late, but I was waiting for permission from one of my friends to use some printables she created a few years ago. Yes, permission, because it is always best to ask permission before  using something someone created – and even though I knew she would say yes, I still asked.

So, today we are having a Masquerade Ball and making doll sized masks to go with them, AND there is a MYSTERY GUEST at our ball. Hmmmm….

Favorite Friends McKayla

Favorite Friends doll McKayla (Madame Alexander) has her stunning mint green gown on and her mask in hand. She is ready for the ball. Where did she get her dress you ask? Well, that is part of our mystery and will be revealed in the next few days.

Chrissa and Matilda

American Girl Chrissa and A Girl for All Time Matilda see a new girl wearing a mask – who is this mysterious girl they both wonder. Matilda is wishing she had her Masquerade Gown on, too – I guess I need to order that for her soon.

Doll play masquerade ball

Now all three girls are stumped. Who is that girl wearing the purple dress? Where did she come from and how does McKayla have the same dress as her but in a different color?

Chrissa whispered to McKayla -“Did you see her shoes? They are so fancy and they are… gasp… high heels!”

Doll play masquerade ball

The girls all introduced themselves and found out that Mystery Girl’s name is Jessica, but that is about all the information they could get out of their new friend.

Stay tuned!! I will introduce you to “Jessica” and show you what is different about her soon – oh, and there will also be a new giveaway or two coming up as well!

Now for the printable! My dear friend Wendy who owns which is part of the network, gave me permission to shrink down some of her masks to use for our dolls. Print, cut and attach to a straw and within minutes you will have a fun make for your dolls, too.

Printable mardi gras masks for dolls

Download the Masquerade Masks as a PDF file.

There are a few different sizes of the masks so your smaller dolls can join in the fun, too! Get out the fancy dresses and have a masquerade ball with your dolls!! Or make a fancy gown of your own using one of Karen’s posts from earlier this year.