I am trying to work on more doll furniture ideas for you this summer and today’s activity is just so easy!! All you need is an empty can that you would get nuts or snacks in or a small box and some duck tape. Really, use this as inspiration and use what you have on hand.

Day 49 Doll Play Make Doll End Table

Start with a can or box that is a few inches high. The can I used is a 10 oz can that held almonds.

Day 49 Doll Play Make Doll End Table

Step 1 – Take off the lid of the can.

Step 2 – Wrap a strip of duck tape around the can. Depending on the size of your can, this may take 2-3 strips of tape.

Step 3 – Lay 2-3 strips of tape across the top of the lid. There should be excess – the picture above shows the underside of the lid with the excess.

Step 4 – Cut slits all around so that when you fold the tape over you get a nice finish.

Step 5 – Put the lid back on and you have an end table for your dolls (or a chair for smaller dolls) that also has storage under the lid.

Day 49 Doll Play Make Doll End Table

And here is the finished product in McKenna’s room. She has her cell phone and her iPad with her Gymtastic app on it.

Just a little tip – the duct tape that you buy at the dollar store is SO much easier to work with than the actual name brand version! We found this particular one at the dollar store and it is much easier to cut and to place.

Have a great day!!