Are you getting excited for the 2012 Summer Olympics? The Opening Ceremony is next Friday and I can not wait!! Well, why should the dolls have all the fun this summer? I think we should host the Paw-lympics and get your furry friends involved! They don’t have to be American Girl doll pets, they can be Webkinz, Littlest Pet Shop or any little animals you may have. There is a printable today which has the score cards, order of events and finish line. So let the games begin!

Doll Play day 48 pet olympics

Meet our competitors Coconut, Barksee and Sprocket as they check out the board that lists the events they will be competing in. I cut out the event list from the printable below, glued it onto a piece of blue fun foam and placed it on the easel from the Doll Dining book.

Doll Play day 48 pet olympics

After the Parade of Puppies is over our competitors move to their first event – Obedience. American Girl Nicole is Coconut’s trainer and it looks like they have got quite a bit of chemistry going – after all, they have been working together since 2005. Next we have Ellowyne Wilde Nicolette who is working with Barksee. She is trying to get him to sit. And finally we have Hearts for Hearts Girl Lauryce who has just started working with Sprocket and is getting frustrated with Sprocket’s excitability today.

Doll Play day 48 pet olympics

Barksee makes a great mid-air catch in Event 2 – The Best Fetch. His toy was made with clay wrapped around two pipe cleaners. You could also use string through a large bead.

doll sized dog agility set up

Event 3 is the Agility Contest and this was the most fun to set up. I used McKenna’s beam propped up on a Madame Alexander shoe box followed by McKenna’s wedge mate. To make a tube for the dogs to go through I wrapped sparkly tissue paper around a roll of duck tape. I propped up the mat we made a few weeks ago to make a tent for the dogs to go through, too. The weave poles were made out of Ello pieces, but you could use straws, Lego pieces or flags from a Hot Wheels set if you needed to. At the end is the Finish Line which is the sign from our printable taped to two straws. The straw ends were set into modeling clay and placed on a piece of fun foam for stability.

doll pet olympics

Here are the dogs competing in Event 4, the ever popular Fashion & Grooming event. Sprocket is wearing the pet raincoat, Barksee has the Statue of Liberty headband on and Coconut is wearing his signature shirt.  The girls applaud as the games come to an end.


And it is time for the Awards Ceremony!! Coconut gets the gold, Barskee gets silver and Sprocket earns the bronze. The girls are very proud of their pets today! The awards podium was made using three AG mini doll boxes with an accessory box on top for first place. I cut out the medals from the printable and taped them to their collars.

Remember, our printable is for your inspiration! You don’t have to set things up exactly how I did – be creative and have fun with it.

100 Days of Doll Play printable pet olympics page

Download the Paw-lympics activity sheet as a PDF file.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! Have fun and be creative.