Are you feeling sweet today? I must be since I am nibbling on chocolate drizzled popcorn as I write this post! Reader/contributor Madelon and I have been thinking along the same lines lately and both have been working on some Doll Candy Store ideas. Using basic craft materials, mini finds from the dollar store and Five Below, and a little imagination we have made some pretty sweet goodies. And don’t forget to scroll down to get the printable today – including a sign for your candy store and a word search for you.

doll play candy store

Nicki’s candy store, called “So Sweet” is open for business and Callie is the first customer of the day. She settles on a lollipop and a container of strawberry ice cream flavored candy(actually a mini lip gloss). In Nicki’s store you can find lollipops made from stickers and ones made from clay. You can find gumballs made from pom poms and jaw breakers made from clay. There are also licorice ropes make from pipe cleaners twisted together and some real (but stale) Dolly Mix from my trip to Ireland. The container holding the jaw breakers is actually a small water bottle that I cut the top third off of.

doll candy store

Madelon has a cute set up for Kanani, too! She made cotton candy out of cotton balls colored with chalk, lollipops make from stickers, licorice bites made from colorful rope erasers, candy plates and mini jelly beans. Aren’t all her little containers just so cute? Check the dollar aisle at Target and the dollar store for these type of items.

doll candy store

They also found these cute mini candy sticks at Five Below. Kanani wants the Spiderman ones.

doll candy store printable and word search Are you ready to get started on your own candy store? Our printable today has a sign for your candy store, ideas for how to make different doll candy using items you already have on hand and a puzzle for you.

Download the printable candy store activity as a PDF file.

I can’t wait to see how creative you all get with this activity! I know you have some great ideas too. But, just in case you need more ideas:

Have a great afternoon!