Are you excited about the television debut of An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars tonight? Even though we have watched the movie a gazillion (okay, maybe not that many – but close), we still plan of watching it on TV tonight. After watching the movie a few times, Natalie came up with some trivia questions for her friends and decided they would be perfect for your movie watching party.

McKenna Movie watching

Our dolls have already been watching the movie and they give it 4.5 stars!

printable McKenna movie trivia activity Print out a trivia page for each of your guests and either fill it out as the movie plays or for more challenge, wait until the movie is finished, then hand out the trivia sheets and see who knows the most. I will post the answers on Monday – just in case you are stumped.

I will post the answers to all the questions here on Monday – just in case the questions were tough.

Did you watch the movie already? Will you be watching it on TV tonight? What did you think of the movie?