Day 43 of Doll Play

Invitations – CHECK. Party Hats – CHECK. Cake – CHECK. Dolls  CHECK. Ok, it’s time for a birthday party celebration. Why? Because its my birthday and so many of our readers seem to have birthdays this week, too. So whether its your birthday, your friend’s birthday or your dog’s birthday, print out the invitations and party hats from today’s printable and celebrate with us!

Carpatina dolls birthday celebration

“Well, Erin, it looks like we are the lucky girls, today!!” said Ana Ming.

“Yes, it looks that way since we both got invitations to help Char celebrate her birthday,” replied Erin.

“Did you hear how old she is turning today? She is almost as old as that Julie girl – she was born just two years after her,” giggled Ana Ming.

“She sure doesn’t act that old – afterall, she still plays with dolls!” said Erin with a grin.

Let me interject here girls … YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY WITH DOLLS!

Carpatina dolls birthday celebration

Back to the celebration! For those of you who are not familiar with these two girls, meet Erin and Ana Ming. They are 18″ slim body dolls from Carpatina. Erin is wearing an outfit for 18″ dolls from and Ana Ming is wearing my favorite Carpatina dress.

Doll sized birthday invitations and party hats For today’s printable, you may need to print a few copies depending on how many guests you want to invite. Each guest gets an invitation and then once they arrive at the party, give them a party hat. You can add feathers, pom poms, glitter or ribbon to the hats to make them a bit fancier. It is up to you! And if you don’t have a cake – check out one of the crafts Karen did for us a while back – making doll cakes.

Download the doll sized invitations and party hats as a PDF file.

Now back to the singing… Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me…

PS – the doll play posts on Saturday and Sunday will be late afternoon both days because Natalie has a swim meet in the morning both days.