Next time you go to throw away an empty box – whether it is from cereal, granola bars, crackers or the like – put it to good use for your dolls instead! Using empty boxes and some duck tape, fun foam, construction paper or even shelf liners, you can can make just about any kind of furniture for your dolls of any size. Today I took two boxes and started working on them with the intention of making a bookshelf for the dolls but once I took it up to the doll apartment, I decided to make it into a shelving unit for their sports gear instead.

Empty boxes into doll shelves

I started with an empty box from peanut butter crackers and an empty granola bar box. I trimmed the granola bar box so it would slide into the bigger box and used duck tape to hold it in place. You can place the box at any point within the other box. Mine has two smaller shelves and one tall shelf. You can use as many boxes as you wish to make as many shelves as you wish – just play around with different configurations until you find what works for you. I covered the inside and outside of the shelving with duck tape and cut foam board to fit the shelves for a little extra strength and visual interest.

Doll shelves from cardboard boxes

This is Olivia from Springfield Dolls showing the finished product. I had thought I would use it the other way up – putting books on the bottom (the tall part) and Squinkies or other little trinkets for the dolls on top – but… when I got the shelf up to the doll room I though it would work great for storing their sporting gear. Like shoes on the bottom, balls, wristbands, etc on the top and then face masks and visors on the very top. I also think it would work well in the doll kitchen or in their bathroom for storing towels etc.

Doll shelves from cardboard boxes

This is how it looks on this side of the doll apartment which was made from American Doll Room sections. Chrissa just came back from a run, Olivia is looking for her soccer ball on the shelf and Carly is thinking about going to play golf.

Carly and Chrissa

Carly (an 18″ doll from My Doll’s Life/Sophia’s) enjoys a healthy glass of milk while Chrissa cools off with water after run.

There is no printable for today’s activity, but today’s finished product also gives a clue for the theme of the next reader photo event. Yes, the theme is going to be SPORTS and will kick off some time this weekend!

Have a happy Friday and I’d love to see how creative you get with making shelves or furniture from boxes you have around the house.