One of our favorite doll play sets is Kit’s waffle maker, but even Kit is tired of waffles now. She wanted something a little different this morning so we made her cereal, eggs, toast and bacon. All you need to make a tasty doll breakfast are scissors and either fun foam or construction paper. You don’t really even need a pattern – just cut.


Kit is enjoying her Doll-Os cereal along with an egg, toast and bacon. The tea kettle is actually an egg timer we found for $1 at Target and Kit’s orange juice is something Natalie made with clay wrapped in duck tape and she added a pipe cleaner for a straw. Kit is all set to enjoy her breakfast, as soon as Marisol runs to the kitchen and gets her some silverware!

Printable doll sized cereal box For today’s printable I made you the pattern to make your dolls a box of Doll-Os cereal of their own. It’s another super simple activity that you can add to if you want. I recommend printing it on heavier paper to make it sturdier or you can make a piece of clay the same size and “wrap” the carton around the clay so your box is solid.

Download the printable doll-sized cereal box as a PDF file.

Use items you already have in your doll food collection to add to your doll’s breakfast or get creative with your scissors and fun foam and make even more food items. And if your doll really wants waffles, check out MyFroggyStuff’s video on how to make waffles.

Enjoy your day of doll play!

Erica B. changed up the size of the Doll-Os printable to get just the right size box for Liv.