Last year’s American Girl of the Year, Kanani, was from Hawaii and her whole collection was a hit – so much so that much of it sold out. Lucky for fans all over, today’s sponsor The Queen’s Treasures’ Coconut Smoothie stand for dolls is still available and continues to be one of the most played with pieces in our doll collection. The Coconut Smoothie Stand is solid wood and has shelves in the back, a thatched roof, signs that point to scuba lessons and the beach and it comes with 4 fun tropical drink cups and two wooden bar stools. It makes the perfect backdrop for beach parties, hula contests, poolside fun scenes and more.

The Queens Treasures Coconut Smoothie Stand

Gwen and Kanani are talking to Kyla at the Coconut Smoothie Stand about the hula contest that is coming up later in the afternoon. Their hula skirts were SO easy to make using duck tape and tissue paper – just scroll down for the printable tutorial sheet.

How to Make a Grass Hula Skirt for dolls

Before they practice for the hula contest, Gwen and Kanani need some refreshments! Kyla made them delicious coconut smoothies to make sure they are hydrated on this extremely HOT day.

How to Make a Grass Hula Skirt for dolls

Kanani takes a moment to rest before hearing her name called for the hula contest – she really hopes that she remembers all her moves!

How to Make a Grass Hula Skirt for dolls

Doesn’t Gwen just look adorable? And it looks like she is still thirsty and may need a refill on her coconut smoothie from Kyla.

How to Make a Grass Hula Skirt for dolls The hula skirts are super simple to make and only require duck tape and tissue paper – although, if you have some self adhesive velcro that will come in handy. Once you make your first hula skirt you will be able to modify the measurements to make skirts for all your dolls – regardless of their size. Yes, it’s that easy.

Download the Grass Hula Skirt Tutorial as a PDF file.

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Stay cool today!

PS =Here are some skirts made by our readers:

Aglover made the skirts for McKenna and Josefina.