Happy Canada Day! Today’s post is dedicated to my two favorite Canadians – Karen our Friday Craft Queen and my good friend Marny. Of course our models today are Canadian – Maplelea Girls Taryn and Saila and today’s printable includes a Canadian flag and a pretty tough word puzzle – but I know you are up to the task.

Happy Canada Day

Taryn and Saila are in front of the Ice Cream Shoppe waiting for the Parade to start! Taryn is wearing the dress and shoes from a MyPinkPlanet Red Riding Hood outfit and Saila is wearing a top and shorts from Journey Girls. The Journey Girls are slimmer than Maplelea Dolls so the shorts are a little snug on Saila’s rear end.

Happy Canada Day

This is one of my favorite photos ever of our Maplelea Girls Taryn and Saila. I wonder what they are talking about?

Canada Day printable word puzzle Today’s printable includes the template for the Canadian flag. Just make sure when you cut it out that you leave the two flags together as one piece so you can fold the toothpick in for a handle easily. I also made you a scramble puzzle based on all the Canadian Provinces. You might need a grown up for help or a Canadian map, but it is not impossible.

Download the Canada Day printable activities as a PDF file.

Are your dolls celebrating Canada Day? Even if they aren’t, you should drop by Karen’s and leave her a note telling her Happy Canada Day and how much you appreciate her crafts every Friday.