Last night we had some pretty strong storms come through and it knocked out trees and power lines all around our area. Our power was out just over 12 hours and just came back on. I am typing as fast as I can hoping to get this posted in case we lose power again. While we were sitting around in the dark last night, I asked Natalie if there was a doll play idea that she had that maybe wasn’t on our list. She said that she would love to have a Magic Show for the dolls and I checked – not on our list! So, this morning while we were patiently waiting for the power to come back on, we made a few things for the dolls and set up a Magic Show!

Have a doll Magic Show

Here is Sandie, an Our Generation doll, working her “magic” on stage. To make her stage, cover a box with a scrap of fabric, a pillow case, bathroom towel or your favorite dress. Her magic wand is easy to make, too. Cut a 2″ piece of a drinking straw and cover it with black construction paper or duck tape. Put a little aluminum foil on the end and tada,  you have a magic wand.

Have a doll Magic Show

Nicki and Chrissa are enjoying the show and are amazed when Sandie pulls a POODLE out of her hat instead of the predictable rabbit. To make the magic hat I just made a cylinder with felt around a roll of packing tape. I cut out a circle of construction paper to use as the brim and taped it on top.

Have a doll Magic Show Today’s printable activity sheet includes everything you need to set up your Magic Show including a sign, posters to place around Dollville and tickets for your dolls to see the show.

Download the Magic Show accessories printable as a PDF file.

Hopefully Mother Nature is done with her magic tricks for my area and we can enjoy a peaceful afternoon of picking up leaves and branches from the yard 😉 I also have the doll t-shirts and finally the styling heads packed and ready to mail to the winners, but the post office has no power, so they may have to wait until Monday to go out.

Have a great weekend!!

From Jennifer: Here is a picture of Kit doing a magic show from the magic show day. I made the rabbit out of cotton balls.