100 Days of Doll Play Day 3 Perform on American Idoll

It’s time to dream big! For today’s activity your dolls are going to perform on “American Idoll” (get it, Idoll?) and to help you get some creative ideas started we have Carly, an 18″ soft body doll from MyDollsLife.com as our model. MyDollsLife.com is today’s sponsor and everything you see in today’s activity is available on their website.

Carly from MyDollsLife.com Graduates

Carly just graduated from I. M. Doll High School and is looking forward to a relaxing summer by the pool before heading off to college in the fall to start classes to become a music teacher.  But, before she can go relax her family and friends have a gift for her…

My Doll's Life Carly 18" doll

Backstage passes to “American Idoll!” Carly could not believe it. She had always dreamed of singing on American Idoll and being able to go backstage was incredible.

My Doll's Life Carly 18" doll

Just when Carly thought things could not get any better, the host of the show asked her to perform. They handed her a head set and gave her the chance to sing any song she wished. Carly decided to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” And before you ask, no, I did not give Carly a french manicure. She comes that way – her fingernails and toenails are manicured – it is just such a neat detail.

My Doll's Life Carly 18" doll

Exhausted from the day’s events, Carly climbed up into her bunk bed and drifted off to sleep, hoping that it was not all a dream. (Note, Carly’s PJs are not from MyDoll’sLife, but the bed and bedding is.)

Day 3 of 100 Days of Doll Play American Idoll Have you got your imagination warmed up now? Of course I have a printable for you today, too!! Print out the Day 3 activity sheet to get logos for your stage and VIP backstage passes for your dolls.

Download the Day 3 activity sheet – Perform on American Idoll as a PDF file

Bonus activity: Visit MyDollsLife.com for some printable paper dolls, too or go to their play scenes page to build your own scene and dress your dolls with the click of your mouse.

Dream big and have a great day! Stop in later today to see the Sunday Showcase and tomorrow we have another great activity planned.