This morning Megan had a dentist appointment and that got me thinking about how it might be fun to set up a dentist office for the dolls for one of our 100 Days of Doll Play activities. I was able to make a toothbrush for the dolls in a matter of minutes and created some printables for your doll dentist office too.

Doll sized toothbrush

One of our guests today, Madison, brought her Kit doll with her. Since Kit just happened to be right near by when I finished making the toothbrush, Kit got to be our model. If you have the doll salon chair that would make a great dentist chair for the dolls, too.

How to make a doll sized toothbrush

It’s so easy to make a doll sized toothbrush! Cut off a piece from a popsicle stick about one inch long. I also rounded the edges a bit. Make a rectangular cube from Model Magic clay and make the appearance of bristles by making lines with a toothpick. Place the rectangle on the popsicle stick. Take a small piece of blue Model Magic and form it into a little snake so it looks like toothpaste. Tada!! It’s done.

Doll Play Dentist Office Now for the printable activity for today. Print out the sheet to get a sign for you dentist office, an x-ray to show your doll how well she has been taking care of her teeth, and a note from the dentist. I’m sure your dolls will all want to visit the dentist after they find out how much fun it is!

Download the Doll Play Dentist Office activity sheet as a PDF file.

Hopefully your doll’s are well behaved at the dentist office and no one has any cavities! Since I just got a request for more doll toothbrushes, I’m off to make some more. Luckily they are pretty easy to make.