Today is National Sunglasses Day (thanks for the reminder Madelon) and what goes best with sunglasses? Snocones, of course!! Since our most popular activity yet has been day one’s ice cream cones, I thought you might want a printable for snocones, too.

Doll Star Sunglasses

Madelon’s family just returned from the beach and on their trip, they went to a boardwalk festival in Sea Isle City to celebrate Skimmer Weekend. There were a few vendors selling AG suitable clothes and accessories. They purchased this suit, towel and sunglasses there.  Her hair is still wind-blown, but their doll enjoys her new glasses!

How to make snocones for dolls

American Girl Gwen, Journey Girl Kyla and Little Miss Matched Girl Sporty are all enjoying their snocones at the beach today. Gwen is wearing the bathing suit and shorts from Chrissa’s collection. Her sunglasses and snorkel bag are from AG also. Kyla is wearing a Springfield Dolls swimsuit and cover up and her sunglasses are from Springfield Doll, too. Little Miss Matched is wearing clothes from her line.

True Hope Yasmin and Avery

True Hope Yasmin and Avery went through the “Drive Thru” to get their snocones. I used the smallest size pom poms I have to make their yummy snocones.

printable doll snocone template Today’s printable is just a basic pattern for the cone part of the snocones. The only thing I did differently this time is I made the cones for three different doll sizes (18″, 14-18″, and smaller dolls around Barbie’s size). Depending on which cones you use you will need different size pom poms. Simply put a few drops of glue inside the cone and ad your pom poms on top.

Download the printable snocone pattern as a PDF file.

Get creative and get all your dolls involved today. Put on your sunglasses and celebrate the summer tradition of snocones! And if you make these, be sure to send in photos, too.