Day 25 of 100 Days of Doll Play

Say cheese! Julie and Kit have been practicing their photography lately and both asked for new cameras. For day 25 of 100 Days of Doll Play, I have made a printable camera for you to cut out, fold and glue for your dolls.

How to make a doll sized camera

Julie makes a few adjustments then tells Kit to say “Cheese!” when she takes her photo.

How to make a doll sized camera

Julie is showing Kit all the photos she took with her new camera, including a few of Kit. Kit says she just loves Julie’s new pink camera and remarks that it is much smaller than the cameras she had back in the 1930’s.

How to make a doll sized camera

Then Kit shows Julie the photos she has taken on her new purple camera. “Nice photos of McKayla and Kanani acting out BRAVE, Kit” says Julie.

printable paper doll camera So I tried to make you the most accurate little camera templates to cut out today. There are three different colors you can make and while you can print them out on regular printer paper like I did here, if you have any heavier printer paper they will be even more sturdy. If you want to make it look like the lens for the  camera is extended – like a telephoto lens would be, you could glue a small black or silver pony bead on top of where the lens would go.

Download the printable doll sized camera template as a PDF file.

The camera template will work for a variety of doll sizes. It looks as cute with the 12″ Barbie size dolls as it does with the 18″ dolls and everyone in between. 

Now your dolls can take photos on vacation, too!