Day 23 doll family tree

One of the reasons I love dolls is their ability to teach us history through their stories and fashion. Today’s sponsor, A Girl for All Time, is a doll company in England who is using dolls and their stories to educate and entertain us with history from the United Kingdom. One of the things you often learn when going through the history books is that while many of the major events are different and the day to day routines are different, the basics of human relationships with family and friends are the same. Knowing where you came from can really help you know yourself and why you are who you are. Did you inherit your Mother’s height? How about your Father’s smile? Did that quick temper come from your Great Grandmother? Or a myriad of other answers to how you got to where you are.

A Girl for All Time dolls

Do you see the family resemblance between Matilda, Your Tudor Girl and Amelia, Your Victorian Girl? In the stories from A Girl for All Time, each of the dolls is part of a maternal family tree of Marchmont women, and each lives in dramatic time in English history. Matilda is from the early 1500s and Amelia is from the late 1800s.

For today’s 100 Days of Doll Play activity, explore your own family tree – you may have to ask a parent for some help with this, or create your own family tree based on your doll collection. For example, in our doll family, Chrissa (AG GOTY 2009) is the sister of McKenna (AG GOTY 2012) and Julie is their aunt and Kit is their Grandmother.

Matilda's Family Tree

This is Matilda’s Family Tree. Click here to download it as a PDF file so you can actually read it. The family tree of Matilda is accurate up until the decendants of Jane Leigh. A Girl for All Time has inserted fictional characters from their books at this point.

Family tree frames And now, here are some frames you can print out and then group on a new sheet of paper like the example above. Again, you can make one set for your family tree and then get creative and make one for your dolls!

Download the printable family tree frames as a PDF file.

Bonus use for the frames, you can glue your favorite photos in them and use them as decoration in your doll’s space!

I hope today’s activity inspires you to learn more about your own history or inspires you to pick up a book and read about a time period from long ago. What is different and what seems to stay the same?

Oh how cute is this!! Jennifer made a family tree of her dolls! Love it!!