Day 21 Doll Spa

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a spa day and I am sure the dolls could use one, too. I had planned on doing a doll spay day as part of our 100 Days of Doll Play later in the summer but one of our readers, Amanda, shared some photos of the doll spa day she and her daughter’s did and wrote up the instructions for it, so all I had to do was put together the printable.

A Spa for the Dolls

Doll Spa Play Activity

After a two day trip to the American Girl Place at The Mall of America, my girls couldn’t stop talking about the bathtub and shower they saw. (They were really cute) I was inspired to make a tub from a flat purple plastic bowl we had from Lily’s Birthday party. I knew it would be the right size for a bathtub, or even a shower base, and figured that it wouldn’t be too hard to make a shower curtain. I was worried about finding something to use for the shower head, and was so happy when I found a small, hand-held replacement shower head at our dollar store. I couldn’t believe it! Our Dollar Depot is a store inside of ACE and has the most amazing things for just a dollar!

Doll Spa Play Activity

Other items I found at the Dollar Depot for our Spa:

  • 1 Pink Shower Curtain (this shower curtain was quite thin, and I was a little worried that it would tear easily, but I wasn’t willing to spend 10$ or more for a heavier one.)
  • 1 two-pack of rubber jar grippers (the ones I found were shaped like a flower, but they also had cute little rubber feet that would work in the bath supply area)
  • 1 pack of fuzzy hair scrunchies
  • 1 pack file folders
  • cute stickers
  • 3 yellow bamboo place mats (for flooring)
  • 1 replacement shower head (YEAH!!!They had a small one!)

Stuff I had at home:

  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • green nylon yarn
  • Salon Chair/ Mirror
  • Hand Towels (although they had some cute ones at the dollar store too!

Putting Together Your Doll Spa

To create the shower, I simply cut the bottom of a pink shower curtain off. (HINT: It is easiest to cut a straight line if you cut on a crease or fold!) I did not need to adjust the width of the curtain. My shower curtain was 21″ and hung 5″ off the ground. Step two was to create a round shower curtain rod. I used a wire coat hanger- nothing fancy, just pull it to a circle then open the hook, so you can thread the shower curtain on. I threaded the shower curtain half-way onto each sides of the opening. This allowed the opening to be on the front of the shower and gave the dolls easy access. Hang the new shower, preferably in a corner, using the handle of the hanger, and set the shower head on top. The finishing touch was to lay a file folder trimmed to a 7′”x7″ square in the bottom of the shower. Any pretty card stock would do. The rubber “bath-mat” in the bottom of the shower completes the look!

The fun part for my 7 year old was creating the “Spa Services Cards” and the salon sign. Again, here I used the pretty file folders to make the little folded cards. These are approximately 3″ x 4″ before folding them. Embellish as you like! I used a corner punch to round the cards a bit. Gracie did an awesome job designing the cards, and it was really fun to see her decide on prices. (She thought it should be $0.50 per nail for a manicure, but $50 to use the shower!)

SHOWER PUFFS- For the super cute doll sized puff, I just took a small fuzzy hair scrunchy, and twisted it in the center to create a figure 8, folded it in half and tied the top of the 8 to the bottom with a small piece of nylon string. These are great for exfoliating at the spa!

Doll Spa Play Activity

FLOWER CUCUMBER MASK- the pattern on the paper was perfect for creating the cucumber eye mask! It was practically done for me (you can see this pattern on the spa-card pictured above) But these could easily be made from any heavy paper. (Scroll down for a printable version of real cucumbers)  Each circle is slightly larger than a quarter. When you trace your circles onto heavy paper, be sure that they touch each other and remain attached when you cut them out. With the ‘cucumbers’ attached to each other, it is much easier for them to stay on the doll while she is relaxing in the tub.

Doll Spa Play Activity

SPA ROBES– the spa robes are simple…again, the hardest part was cutting a straight line. But using just one shower curtain for this entire project we made the doll shower, 7 spa robes with belts, and matching head wraps. To make the spa robe I used the left over shower curtain material and cut a rectangle 25″x 11″. Then fold the plastic in half like a poncho, and cut a T so it can slip over the dolls head. The top of the T was 5″ long , and the vertical slit was about 5″ as well. VERY SIMPLE! I cut strips of plastic 28″ long and 2″ wide for the belts, 28″ long and 7″ wide for the hair wraps. The robes can either be tied while the doll is relaxing, or left loose and spread over their shoulders while they sit in the salon chair for a style!

Doll Spa Play Activity

The My Twinn dolls LOVE the spa, too.

Doll Spa Play Activity

Marie-Grace is a great stylist at the Beauty Boutique!

And Now for the Printable

Day 21 doll spa In order to make it even easier for you to get your doll spa set up, I have made you a printable with some realistic looking cucumbers for the doll’s eyes, there is a template for making an eye mask, and there is a printable spa services card for you to use or use as inspiration for your own design.

Download the Doll Spa printable as a PDF file.

As with all our doll play ideas and printables, they are intended to be INSPIRATION! You don’t have to do it exactly like we do, be creative and use what you have on hand first.  And if you do set up your spa, take pictures to post on our Facebook wall or to email to us!

Thanks to Amanda for the great photos and write up! Check back tomorrow for more doll play fun.

Spa Day

From Maggie – What could be better than spending a HOT day at the spa! Kanani really enjoys getting her facial in this photo, and her seaweed mudwrap! I can see that Barksee also likes the spa!!!