Day 20 of 100 Days of Doll Play

Every house has them… you know those socks that go into to the laundry room with a matching friend but come out lonely because the other sock somehow got lost? Well, lonely socks can be a doll’s best friend. You can make all sorts of great things for dolls from a single lonely sock. For Day 20 of 100 Days of Doll Play, one of our readers, Lorie, is going to show us how to recycle a sock into a fun hat for the dolls and I have a list of more sock projects for you too!

Since I don’t own a sewing machine and I don’t know how to knit I decided to try and make a no-sew fleece hat from my fleece socks.  The socks are the fuzzy kind you can find pretty much all year long at stores like Target, WalMart, Kmart, JC Penny, even some drug stores sell them – you may even have one in your laundry room or dresser drawer!
No sew doll hat from a sock
This is the first fuzzy fleece sock I made. All you need to make this hat is:

  • American Girl Doll (or any other 18″ doll)
  • pair of fuzzy fleece socks (wash first before you make the hat to get rid of little fuzzies)
  • craft scissors
  • small ponytail band

no sew doll hat recycled fuzzy sock

Step 1: With the heel  of the sock at the back of the doll’s head, slip the sock over her head and cover the ears. As you can see I went to the back of the dolls hairline and at the eyebrows. This will allow for a proper fit.
no sew doll hat recycled fuzzy sock
Step 2: With the sock in place and on the doll’s head attach the ponytail band.
no sew doll hat recycled fuzzy sock
Step 3: Remove the hat from your doll’s head and with your craft scissors cut the top portion of the sock off. I started the cut about 1/4″ above the ponytail holder.
no sew doll hat recycled fuzzy sock
You now have a brand new hat for your doll!
no sew doll hat recycled fuzzy sock
As you can see the two hats I made are different. For the first hat I left about 2″ of the sock above the rubber band and then made slits down towards the rubber band. This gives more of a fun effect to the hat.
I also tied a long strip of sock around the rubber band since with this style you can see it. Good way to hide it if you want.
More sock clothing tutorials:

There is no specific printable for today’s doll play day, however, you can always check out our doll printables category and print out some of your favorites.