Doll Play Day 2 – Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Day 2 Doll Play Celebrate Queen's Jubilee

This weekend is a pretty big deal in England – they are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – a celebration of her 60 years (and counting) as the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 and became the Queen in 1952 at the age of 25 after the death of her Father, King George VI.

It is only fitting that one of our favorite doll stores, The Queen’s Treasures, is the sponsor for today’s 100 Days of Doll Play activities. They have the best selection of doll and standard size tea sets, heirloom quality doll furniture and accessories for all sorts of doll play adventures.

Today’s photo story stars American Girl Alex (#21) as Queen Elizabeth II shortly after she became Queen and American Girl Emily who would have been about 18 at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation.

Emily Queen Parade

Emily Bennett was nervous!! She couldn’t find the red socks that match her outfit this morning, she almost forgot her flag, and what if… what if the Queen waves at her? It had always been Emily’s dream to meet the Queen of England upon her return to her home country after the war. She enjoyed her time in America with the McIntire’s but honestly, she was homesick and knew that England was where she needed to be.

As Queen Elizabeth II walks by, Emily catches her eye!

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee Doll Style

“Is this really happening?” thought Emily. The Queen stopped to talk to Emily noting how much she loved Emily’s headband and wanting to know where she got it. Next thing you know Emily was being invited back to the castle to have tea with her Majesty.

The Queen's Treasures Tea Set

Emily caught a glimpse of the Queen’s tea set being opened to place on their table. All she could think was, “how lovely!” The tea set was from The Queen’s Treasures and the details from the gold trim to the vintage floral pattern were perfect for this special occasion.

Furniture for dolls from The Queen's Treasures

Queen Elizabeth and Emily sat down at the lovely Queen Anne style table to enjoy a cuppa (that’s a British term for cup of tea). Emily admired the Queen Anne style hutch with the mini rose patterned dishes, but Queen Elizabeth was more interested in hearing about Emily’s years in America and the events leading up to it.

Queen and Emily

Emily had brought along her beloved scrapbook and showed the Queen all the photos, told her all about her time with the McIntire’s and said that one day she hoped to meet another friend as dear to her as Molly. The Queen and Emily talked for hours and quickly became great friends! Over the years Emily became Queen Elizabeth’s closest friend and Emily worked as the Queen’s assistant. Sixty years later, now both in their 80s, they have are still the best of friends!

Celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee with doll sized flag and tiara Just like I created a printable for you to use with the activity yesterday, I have one for you today. Print out today’s activity page so you can make your dolls their own “Union Jack” flag (the flag of the United Kingdom) to wave at the parade like Emily did or print lots of them and string them together to make a bunting flag decoration. There is also a pattern for a crown. If you have fun foam or colored construction paper you can use this as a pattern, but if you just have regular printer paper that is okay, it will work, too.

Download the activity sheet for Day 2 – Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as a PDF file

And you know that if your dolls meet the “Queen,” the appropriate thing to do is have a cup of tea! The Queen’s Treasures has the neatest page full of tips on how to host the perfect tea party from how to set the table to how to pour the tea, to proper tea party manner and even what to serve!

Have a royal day and stop back later today for a giveaway announcement and tomorrow for another new doll play idea and the Sunday Showcase!


PS – I love seeing how your versions of the activities turn out! Here are some of our reader’s photos:

Queen Elizabeth (Lanie) is riding to her palace as she sees girls holding up UK flags and waving them as they say: “Queen Elizabeth! Queen Elizabeth!” – by Chloe

From Maggie – Queen Elizabeth (Kanani) is wearing her crown and spending the day resting and watching T.V!!!!!! She has her popcorn along with her flag and is ready to celebrate her special day! And, of course, Barkskee is trying to sneak up to get some popcorn!

Erika’s Maplelea doll Leonie has had a wonderful day having tea with the Queen.

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