Day 18 No Sew Bolster Pillow

I was going through some of the girls’ clothes this morning to see what was too small and needed to go to the thrift store and what was worth keeping for projects. I came across an American Girl Place Chicago t-shirt that I bought in 2009 when I visited Chicago. The shirt was definitely too small and beginning to get a bit ratty but it seemed a shame to get rid of it. I thought Β for a moment and Karen’s souvenir pillow came to mind, but then I got an even better idea. What about making it a no-sew project and creating a decorative bolster pillow instead?

What you will need:

  • An old t-shirt, dress or material that you like
  • Paper towel core
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon

Make a doll sized bolster pillow

Step 1 – Get an old t-shirt or scrap fabric that has a working area about as wide as a paper towel roll – you can always trim the length of the paper towel roll if you have to.

No sew doll pillow

Step 2 – Cut out the piece of the fabric that you want to work with – there is no specific measurement – just as wide as you would like and make sure it is tall enough to wrap around the paper towel roll once.

No sew doll pillow

Step 3 – Place the paper towel roll on the fabric so the wrong side of the fabric can be glued along the paper towel roll. I just used a glue stick and pressed the material against the paper towel roll.

No sew doll pillow for bed

Step 4 – Cover the paper towel roll with the t-shirt or fabric and glue the edge.

no sew doll decorative pillow

Step 5 – Tie off each end with a small elastic. Add an extra special touch by adding coordinating ribbon or other embellishments that match your fabric or doll’s room.

No sew doll bolster pillow

As you can see I tied coordinating ribbon on the ends and found another coordinating ribbon to wrap around the tube and just glued the ends. Β I am so happy with the way this project turned out and that we were able to keep a piece of the memory of our trip alive even though the t-shirt no longer will get worn. This is a great way to preserve t-shirts from sporting events or other special outfits. You could probably make a girl size version with a little creative thinking, too.

Doll Pillow Project

Sonali and Kailey think the pillow is a great addition to their trundle bed room. And it matches their pajamas so nicely!

Have fun with this activity today!! This is such a simple craft that you could make a few different pillows for your dolls. You can use toilet paper rolls and make shorter ones too if you want to. Just be creative!

One of our readers, Maggie, already made a pillow based on our directions for Kanani. How cute is that! And I like the use of duck tape for the trim, too. And the memory board on the wall is too cute for words!! Great work Maggie!!