Day 17 of Doll Play Picnic

Today’s activity is a simple one that doesn’t require much preparation at all, but is always fun! Take your dolls on a picnic.

doll picnic

Whether you set up your picnic outside or on your bed, your dolls will have a great time. Natalie set up this scene with Carpatina Erin, Kidz ‘n Cats Galina, Terri Lee Spring doll, and Emma from Adora Doll. They used the Bitty Baby’s picnic basket and various doll food items from our collection. You can use the doll food you already have on hand or use fun foam to make sandwiches and lunch food.

Refer back to Karen’s post for making to-go lunch and juice boxes for the dolls and make food for their picnic.

Doll Picnic

Your picnic doesn’t have to be on a blanket either. Gwen is showing off the picnic table she set for the afternoon celebration for the dolls and their Dads. This is the retired picnic table set from Chrissa the Girl of the Year in 2009.

Printable picnic maze Today’s printable is a maze. Our little Bitty Twin Daisy can’t figure out how to get to the picnic. Print out the maze and help her find her way through. When you are done, challenge your dolls (or your Dad, Mom, or siblings) to a few games of tic-tac-toe too.

Download the Day 17 Picnic Maze Activity as a PDF file

Have fun setting up your picnic and feel free to share photos of the 100 Days of Doll Play activities you do! You can always email your doll play photos to me at or post them on our Facebook page.