Day 15 Doll Play Flip Flops

Happy National Flip Flop Day!!  Today is a day to celebrate the relaxed feeling of wearing flip flops. If you have a Tropical Smoothie restaurant near by they are giving away free smoothies today from 2-7 pm and raising money for charity. There are other retailers that have fun offers available today too.

National Flip Flop Day

I started today by making myself a smoothie out of greek yogurt, frozen strawberries and a banana, then I decided to make Kanani a new pair of flip flops to match her new swim suit from Springfield Dolls. I used the instructions from one of Karen’s very first posts here at Doll Diaries – How to make doll shoes – and added my own twist by criss-crossing the straps. Read her tutorial then add your own creative touches and have fun making sandals for your dolls! Then I took her photo. I uploaded the photo to and added all the fun beach goodies to the photo. Picmonkey is free to use and super easy too. You can resize your photos, add text and special effects before you send them to me if you would like.

Doll flip flops

Madelon’s dolls Cecile and Elizabeth are showing off their super cute new flip flops from Oh, how I LOVE those polkadots. And when Natalie wakes up – she is sleeping in after a late night at the BRAVE pre-screening – she is going to decorate a pair of her own flip flops with fleece tie-ons. We’ll be sure to take a picture when they are done.

Day 15 national flip flop day The other thing Natalie wants to do is color the printable I have today and hang it near the Smoothie Stand scene she is working on. Print out the sign and color it the way you like it. Cut it out and hang it in your doll’s room, her beach cabana or by her ice cream stand – be creative!

Download the It’s a Flip Flop Kind of Day coloring activity as a PDF file.

How are you going to celebrate National Flip Flop Day? Personally, I would love to have my toes in the sand at the beach right now, but instead, I will be here in my cozy little office looking out at the sunshine. I have more posts planned today including a no-spoiler review of the movie BRAVE which we saw last night and I will be interviewing Ysa Penarejo who plays Toulane in McKenna’s movie this afternoon. And of course, working on more 100 Days of Doll Play posts!

Have a great day!