Day 13 Doll Ballet

First let me apologize for this activity being posted so late – it has been a challenging morning from the technology standpoint as we maxed out our server space and things started to act a little wonky. No worries though – I have fixed it and now we can return to our regularly scheduled doll play fun!

Back in the fall we reviewed some outfits from today’s sponsor, Dream World Collections and were absolutely blown away by the quality of her work. Her Black Swan Ballet Outfit has continued to be one of our favorite outfits for the dolls so we decided that today’s activity should be focused around ballet! And if you check her site she has a few different (and all gorgeous) ballet outfits and some gymnastics leotards for dolls, too.

Dream World Collections

McKenna knows that in order to be a great gymnast she needs to have plenty of ballet training. In order to have a ballet play day with your dolls they need a leotard and a tutu if possible and a ballet bar. If you have McKenna’s gymnastics equipment, her bar works very nicely as a ballet barre, however, if you do not, you can use a towel rack (just place a large box under it to raise your working surface to the right level) or a wooden dowel rod resting on two even stacks of books.

Your doll will need to practice her basic ballet foot positions – first, second, third, fourth and fifth, as well as some of her Jetés (French for jump), pliés (French for bend) and other dance skills. For a full list of ballet terms and what they mean, check the Glossary of Ballet. Put on some classical music and help her make up a dance of her own, too.

Free printable ballet word search Today’s printable is more for you than your doll! Print out our Ballet Word Search and find the ballet words in the puzzle. You will have to look side to side, up and down and diagonally to find the answers.

Download the printable Ballet Word Search as a PDF file.

Even if you do not have a leotard or tutu for your dolls you can still have fun playing ballet, but I did find some cute no-sew tutu tutorials you can try so your dolls can look the part of a ballerina.

Have fun and don’t forget to point your toes and hold your head high!!