Day 11 Doll Craft Make a Wall Mirror

In celebration of Maplelea’s brand new, very beautiful website (if you haven’t taken a look yet, you should), today’s craft will let our dolls check out their own beauty! Maplelea Girls Taryn and Saila are going to help us make doll sized wall mirrors for our doll spaces using supplies you probably already have on hand.

Maplelea Taryn

Our Maplelea doll Taryn says “Be-YOU-tiful” because you are! The mirror on the wall is the super easy craft you can make today as part of 100 Days of Doll Play. All you will need is the printable page below, a piece of fun foam or a piece of cardboard (like the back of a notebook you used last year – that’s good recycling), aluminum foil and either tape or glue. It will only take a few minutes to make and your dolls will love it.

Maplelea Saila

Beautiful Saila is checking her hair one last time before heading out to visit friends this morning.

Day 11 of Doll Play make a doll mirror Like all our 100 Days of Doll Play activities, today’s activity is supposed to be INSPIRATION. In other words, take our idea as the starting point and make the project your own. Add some bling to the frame with glitter or glue on gems; make a cardboard frame and wrap it with fabric scraps; try different shapes; hang the mirror with ribbon; or do something completely unexpected with it! Be creative!

Download the Day 11 Mirror, Mirror activity sheet as a PDF file.

If you don’t have aluminum foil to make the mirror, cut out a photo of your favorite doll, saying or scene and make it a picture frame instead!

And just so you know, now that it is summer and my kids have summer swim practice each morning it may be mid-morning before I get each day’s activity posted. Some mornings I may post before we head out the door but I can’t promise that every day.

Have a great Monday!