Doll Play – Christmas Eve Sleepover by the Tree

no sew doll sleeping bags

Traditions this time of year are the best. One that I’ve always been a little intrigued with is sleeping by the Christmas tree. It sounds fun and magical! Allison and Meredith are trying it out this year.

no sew doll sleeping bags

After listening to Meredith intently for a few minutes, Allison is starting to feel sleepy in her cozy sleeping bag.

no sew doll sleeping bags

Allison has drifted off to sleep but Meredith feels all giddy inside. She just loves this time of year and the magical glow of the Christmas tree tickles her inside!

no sew doll sleeping bags

Make some no-sew sleeping bags for you dolls to get cozy by the tree.

For this project you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of fleece cut 28“ by 18“ . Use 2 different colors or patterns because one will be the outside bottom of the sleeping bag and one will be the lining. (I recommend – they have great fleece for up to 70% off retail)
  • 1 piece of fleece cut 20“ by 18“. This is the outside top of the sleeping bag. Use the same fabric as the outside back.
  • 4”X4” piece of cardboard with a mark at every inch
  • scissors

1. Cut and Lay Out: Cut out the 3 pieces of fleece. Lay them down first with the outside bottom (zebra print), next the lining (pink), and last the outside top (zebra print).

2. The Corners: Take the 4” cardboard and line it up on each corner. Use it as a guide to cut a 4”x4” notch out of each corner. (Note: I experimented with a folded flap on the outside top. If you like this, just add 4” to the “outside top” measurements and just fold down the top 4” before you start cutting. In these instructions I explain the no flap version)

3. The Edges: Cutting through all the layers, cut every 1” and 4” deep. Use the 1” marks you made on the 4×4 square to space the 1” cuts evenly. It will also be useful to use the side of the square as a guide for how deep to make each cuts.

4. Tying the Fringe: Each stacked layer of fringe needs to be tied together. It is a stack of 3 pieces so I grabbed the top piece and the bottom 2 together to tie each knot.

You have to be a little careful with this step so you keep the stacks together for each tie. It’s easy to check each time you tie that you have the next 3 pieces in the stack. Checking as you go will keep everything nice and straight. Also as a tip, don’t be tempted to tie the first knot too tight. It will change the shape of the sleeping bag in the end.

Tie a second knot on the same piece. This will keep the fringe from coming untied.

Making progress!

Work your way around each side until you are finished!

no sew doll sleeping bag

I made a second one a little smaller for the 15” Disney Princess doll. I will include measurements for both. It can be made in any size to fit your different dolls.

Help your dolls enjoy the season a little longer with a camp-out next to the tree and use the sleeping bag all year round with fun doll play!

Doll Sleeping Bag Measurements:

18” dolls
outside bottom- 28”x18”
lining- 28”x18”
outside top-20”x18”

15” dolls
outside bottom- 25”x16”
outside top-17”x16”

Remember, these are for dolls and are not appropriate for little children.

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  1. Megan!!!!!! says:

    FRISTIE!! LOVE. IT. !!!!!

  2. Secondie! Great!

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    thirdie! nice! just need fleece….

  4. Thirdie Birdie!! XD Merry Christmas everyone!!

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  6. AGMcKenna94 says:

    THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!! But do I have time to do this?

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  15. This is an adorable craft! Merry Christmas!
    Char, after Christmas I am sure that you must get Soo many emails. How many do you usually get?

  16. Isabella – I get close to 100 emails a day – and about half of those are related to Doll Diaries.

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    I hope your husband is doing better and that you all have a happy holiday!

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  24. Morgan – the doll’s name is Merida (according to Disney) but maybe Anna’s daughter prefers Meredith? I like them both.

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  29. This is SO cute and it looks so easy! I’m definitely trying it.

  30. I love this idea because you could make so many different things with it! You could make a pillow to match with it, you could make it into a blanket, you could make it into a carpet…the possibilities are absolutely endless!

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    Very cute and simple to make! I like the zebra and pink and purple fleece, too. :)

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    Cute!!! Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it!

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  42. My dolls spent the evening before christmas eve under the tree, they had to move so they would not be in the way!