Celebrate St. Lucia Day

American Girl historical character Kirsten was from Sweden where one of the  biggest celebrations of the Christmas season is December 13th – St. Lucia Day.

Celebrate St. Lucia Day

I found a really great resource on St. Lucia Day, its origins and traditions – Christmas in Sweden.

So, my plan was to make a crown for our dolls’ head just like Kirsten’s out of materials you already have on hand. I actually came up with three different ideas, but due to unforeseen circumstances I did not get to photograph any of them. Instead, I am going to explain the three options to you, and then, if you want – make your own version and email me the photos and I will add them to this post.

Kirsten’s crown was made from Lingonberry branches woven together and with candles. You can make your crown with or without candles (don’t use real ones anyhow!) because younger girls wore their crowns without candles, too.

St. Lucia Crown version 1

Super simple! Measure around your doll’s head and cut a piece of green construction paper long enough to go all the way around her head. Cut out candles from white construction paper or fun foam and decorate with red ribbon or glitter.

St. Lucia Crown version 2

Make the crown wreath by braiding a long section of green pipe cleaners and forming it into a circle. Add candles made from white pipe cleaners and add red ribbon for a finishing touch.

St. Lucia Crown version 3

Get fancy! Use arartificialhristmas greenery and form a crown to fit your dolls’ head. Make candles from white modeling clay or even just rolled up white construction paper. Decorate with red ribbon or seed beads for a final touch.

So, there is your challenge! I can’t wait to see what you create and I am grateful for every single one of my readers.