Printable doll menorah

Thanks to Miriam we have a beautiful photo of Rebecca getting ready for Hanukkah this morning and thanks to our friends at American Doll Houses, we have a printable menorah for you to decorate for your dolls, too.

This is American Girl Rebecca and her Hanukkah menorah next to an antique menorah which it was based on.  Miriam’s family owned the antique menorah (or hanukiah as it is actually called, a menorah actually has 7 branches, a hanukkiah – 9 :-)) long before they ever heard of AG.  When her mother-in-law got her daughter the silver AG hanukkiah, they exchanged it for this one, because, for obvious reasons, they preferred it!

printable doll sized menorah

Thanks to American Doll Houses you can print and decorate a Menorah for your dolls. Print it on cardstock or trace onto cardboard so it will be sturdier. Cover with aluminum foil, paint it or decorate it with glitter – whatever you feel inspired to do!

Download the Menorah (Hanukiah) printable as a PDF file.

If your dolls celebrate Hanukkah, what traditions will they be enjoying this year?