**This may be the only post today. I have got a bad case of the stomach flu and do not know how much I will be able to do today.  Luckily Kay and Holly from the Spicy’s Doll Blog were kind enough to share another one of their doll photography tips with us today. – Char

Do you guys know about reflectors? I didn’t until a little while ago, but I was so excited with that I found that I had to share about them with you! I noticed that my photos would have dark shadows, and that the dolls face was really underexposed some times as well. The fix for that problem? A reflector (or two!)

Here, let me show you…..

These are reflectors! Granted, they are homemade, but they get the job done and that’s really all you need to worry about. You can buy reflectors off Amazon, but we found that it is much faster and cheaper to make one yourself and still get the same great results! And seriously, it takes practically 3 seconds to make, so really it’s a win-win!

To make your reflector, just wrap a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil. My only suggestion would be to not use the heavy duty foil, just stick to regular for better results!

A silly mistake I kept making at first is that I would almost block the light with my reflector – that totally defeats the purpose of it! Remember to bounce the light up onto the dolls face, it illuminates it perfectly without looking harsh.

And now it’s time to look at the results of our work! The above photo was taken without the reflector, and look at the difference below…..

 And you can see how using a reflector just adds a glow to the photo. Nothing harsh, just the perfect amount of light to illuminate your gorgeous doll. Have fun experimenting with reflectors! I know I’ll be using mine ALL the time from now on!

Happy Spring everyone!

XOXO, Kay and Holly from The Spicys