My very creative friend Jen from (remember her duct tape dress for dolls?) has a great 100 Days of Doll Play activity for us that you can use any day! Over to Jen…

Every day is a great day for a party, don’t you think!? I think there is something to celebrate every day so I decided to create a printable party set that could be used for any occasion. Here is a party printable with a pretty flower pattern that you can color and decorate yourself so you can make it perfect just for you! Plus, each printable is a set of two so you can invite a friend to celebrate with you!

Printable doll party invitations

Printable doll party invitations

This is a one sheet printable designed for use with 18” dolls. The single printed sheet includes:
2 party hats, 2 cupcake wrappers, 2 party invitations and 11 pennants to make your own party banner. Just print out the sheet, color and decorate however you like, cut out each piece and put together as directed below.

Printable doll party invitations

To make an 18” doll party hat:
After cutting out the hat shape, wrap around and tape in place to make a cone shape. Tape some yarn or ribbon on the inside of one side of the hat to the other side, making sure to measure on your doll’s head before taping the second side.

Make a doll sized party hat

To make an 18” doll party banner:
After cutting out each triangle pennant, tape to a piece of yarn or ribbon. Hang where ever you like.

Doll sized party printables

To make an 18” doll party cupcake wrapper:
After cutting out the cupcake wrapper shape, wrap to make a cone type shape, tape in place. You can make your own clay cupcakes or use a fuzzy pom pom to finish off your cupcake. (Visit Jen’s 100 Directions for instructions on how to make a mini clay cupcake.)

To add some extra sparkle, use glitter on all your party pieces. I hope you have a super fun party with your friends.

Printable doll party set

Download the pretty party printable by Jen Goode as a PDF file.

More about Jen: Jen Goode is a Colorado work-at-home mom of 3, professional Illustrator, aka the “Doodler in Charge” at JGoode Designs. She had the opportunity to explore art at a very young age which has grown with her into a career. Jen strives to share this same creative inspiration to other kids and their families at 100 Directions where she shares DIY projects, recipes, fun for families and much more.