Karen here and many of you know that I am Canadian. Here in Canada where I live we have a line of lovely dolls called Maplelea. About two years ago I got my Maplelea Friend DollĀ  I call Stacy. She is an Asian Canadian Doll and I love her. She has lovely long black hair with bangs, a beautiful skin tone and a sweet expression. I love the Phineas and Ferb Disney Show and my friend Amy had a doll called Candice so I named my doll Stacy, Phineas and Ferb’s Sister’s Best Friends Name.

Maplelea Dolls are not available in store, you actually have to order them on line and they have a website that is easy to use and I am thrilled when I get the catalog several times per year. Maplelea Dolls are 18 inch dolls but they have longer slender arms then their American 18 inch doll cousins.

I have two Maplelea dolls in my doll family and I am very proud to have these wonderful dolls in my collection. Saila and Stacy . I also have a few Maplelea Accessories and outfits that are truly unique and beautifully made. The Birthday Set above is one of the accessories Maplelea makes that I just love and my nieces love to play with it too!

In my doll family collection I have 18 inch dolls from all over the world, I am very excited to share my Maplelea Friend Doll Stacy with you today and I hope you enjoyed this week’s spotlight!