Meet sweet Sophia. I sat down to take a few pictures of her and it didn’t take long to pick out what she would wear.  This little blue dress really shows off her lovely blue eyes.

THE BASICS ON Sophia from Sophia’s® doll collection: 

Manufacturer Sophia’s Heritage
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Sophia’s face mold, slightly open mouth with painted teeth
Eyes Blue sleep eyes
Hair Wavy, blond, wig
Can share clothes with American Girl, Springfield, Maplelea, Madame Alexander, and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $70.00
Where to buy My Doll’s Life and authorized Sophia’s Heritage retailers
Recommended for ages 8 & up

Sophia is one of several dolls made by Sophia’s Heritage and sold through My Doll’s Life.  I was happy to receive her to review because it is great to take a closer look at other high quality 18″ doll on the market.

Her face mold is unique to Sophia’s Heritage.  It features an open mouth, and in combination with her cheeks and nose gives her a slightly younger look. 

Her hair is long and wavy and a really light blond color.  Her hair is similar in color to Caroline’s from American Girl. 

I noticed right away the details of the nails on the fingers and toes.  The nails are slightly shiny with a little white on the very end.  It’s a nice touch.

Sophia is really close in size with other 18″ soft body dolls and has no problem sharing clothes. 

Hope you enjoyed a closer look at Sophia!