Doll of the Week – Our First American Girl Doll Nicole

One of the suggestions I have received is to feature a doll of the week – and to that I say “great idea!” I felt it would only be fitting to kick off the new series by featuring the very first American Girl doll my older daughter got – she is a Girl of Today (now called MyAG) #3. She has light skin, blonde hair with bangs and blue eyes. Meet Nicole.

This is a rare photo of my older daughter – she was 6 years old when she got her very first American Girl doll who she named Nicole. This was taken in December 2004.

In January of 2005 I took advantage of the after Christmas sales and picked up a few things for Nicole. Oh, and the Bitty Baby in the photo is Natalie’s first doll that she got the same Christmas. It’s hard to believe the whole collection used to fit in one little box.

American Girl dolls

Nicole loves having friends over and this is definitely one of her favorite outfits that she and her friend’s doll both have. It is called the Tropical Breezes outfit and Nicole got it for Easter in 2005 (the outfit is from 2004 and I got it on sale).

American Girl doll AGT 3

Nicole has had lots of adventures over the years – from visiting Ireland, going to New York, a trip to Orlando and countless visits to friends’ houses for tea parties and fun. This is another favorite outfit to this day – it is the 2003 Paisley Dress and Talent Show accessories.

American Girl Elizabeth, Nicole, Felicity

Now doesn’t Nicole look adorable with her two braids? Actually, she and Kirsten could definitely pass as twins! Nicole helped Elizabeth celebrate her birthday a few years ago along with Felicity. Elizabeth is wearing the 2003 Birthday Party Outfit with Accessories, Nicole is wearing the Sightseeing Outfit from 2005 and Felicity is wearing one of my all time favorites, the Irish Dance Outfit of Today from 2005 that was considered part of Nellie’s collection.

American Girl

As Megan has gotten older, she is not into playing with her dolls as much, but she does love Nicole! She let Nicole go visit with her cousin for most of last year so that she could enjoy dolls while waiting to get her very own American Girl doll. Nicole is back, dressed in her super cute Barbie Wants To Be Me outfit from Mini Me Dolly Divas. It is very fitting since Megan is more into collecting the high fashion Barbies and her room is all white, pink and black. Nicole also looks more grown up – just like her owner!

So I hope you enjoyed your first Doll of the Week feature and look forward to meeting another doll from our collection next week!

Who was your first doll?


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  1. awesome and firstie!!!

  2. Lorie Ann says:

    My daughter’s first doll is My AG #37 – light skin, green eyes, redish hair. A friend is sending her Felicity and Kirsten (which may go to my neice). And she has McKenna on her wish list.

  3. My first doll was a Julie Albright that I renamed and changed modern a few weeks ago. Her new name is Lux and I got her from my boyfriend (we are getting married in a few months) as a Valentine’s day gift. I love her to bits. She’s a bit different then my other two dolls, Anais and Ushio. She is way softer and has beautiful long blonde hair.

    I’m an adult collecter so I havent havent had her since childhood but it would have been cool to watch my doll grow and mature as I did.

  4. Well, first AG was a blond Bitty Twinnie I got from my school’s rummage sale. Since I’m a teacher, the parents said I could have her for free. I named her Anissa (after Anissa Jones from the TV show Family Affair, RIP). But my first and only standard size AG doll is a Pre-Mattel My AG I’ve named Stephanie. I got her at a toy show for $50. She was wearing the same jacket and jeans as Nicole is wearing in the top photo. She is in need of TLC, and I thought I could get her fixed. But now after speaking w/ a rep from AG, that’s not going to be possible, b/c she has a zip tie (which I like, I don’t like neck strings), a torso w/ small rips, (I wouldn’t mind getting a new one), and loose legs, but they don’t repair them w/ the metal parts anymore. I’m really kinda sad, and a little sorry I bought her. I don’t know if I’d buy another AG doll. I may just take her to a standard doll hospital to see if they can fix her.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    My first doll was Kirsten. I got her about 15 years ago, when I was in first grade. I still have her, and she holds a very special place in my heart. We’ve had a lot of memories together!

  6. My first doll was a Look ALike or My AG ?Got her Christmas of 2006

  7. Brianne (Brie) says:

    My first doll was Kit, whom I renamed into something much more modern. Her full name is Ronney Arabella Kipkinz. My Aunt started my collection on July 13, 2011.

    Ronney will always be my most perpetually beloved doll. One month later, My Aunt passed away, and Ronney is the only thing I have left from my Aunt, aside from pictures and two bracelets.

    My collection of American Girl Dolls has tripled since Christmas. I am looking to add one more doll to my collection. I really want JLY 37, because she is low maintenance, and I love those piercing green eyes. I have every eye color doll except for green. Right now, I have $150 dollars in bills, and a $50 dollar American Girl Gift card. All I can say now is at this moment, my chances of getting her are mounting heavily.

    I am going to NYC overnight this Saturday, and I am going to stay at the American Girl Place as long as my Mom will allow it. I just cannot wait!

  8. Heres the list of american girl dolls i have:
    Julie Albright
    Chrissa Maxwell
    Marisol Luna
    Mckenna Brooks
    Myag dark brown hair with bangs and brown eyes and light skin( I named her Yvette)
    The dolls I want are:
    Molly Mcintre ( Im not sure i spelled this right)
    even though theyre both retired i want them from ebay
    Marie grace

  9. My first doll was Felicity! I’m so glad my mom decided to buy that first doll, because without her I wouldn’t have 7 more! I’m also looking forward to getting McKenna this May…Cannot wait!

  10. My first doll was Felicity. I was going to get her or a myag but I like her much better. Elizabeth joined her about 5 months later. I got Felicity because alot of my Christmas presents had gone back and my aunt had got my brother an ipod. I had just remembered I forgot to ask for a doll! I was dissapointed! I even had dreams about getting a doll. One day we were riding home from school and my mom said: auntie said she might get you an American Girl doll!

  11. i just love that barbie oufit!!!!!

  12. my first doll was Josefina. I got her in October 2005 (I was 9) after a few years of debate and saving. My best friend at that time had the blond twins and Molly, and we would spend hours playing with them. It took me forever to decide which doll I wanted, when I’d finally decided and saved enough money, I spent a week on pins and needles waiting for her to come, and when she finally did, I ran out to meet the UPS guy in the yard. over the years, she’s become well loved, and I’ve modernized and customised her as a punk rocker. I love her just the same : )

  13. My first doll was that doll right there! But I named my doll melody I thought of the name when I was opening her there was a song call swing to the melody so I decided to name her that she looks exactly like me exept my eye color changes a lot depending on the lighting scince she’s my first doll I dOnt play with her much, it’s mainly because I don’t want her to get anything on her do she’s always sitting in her and lanies bed my doll I’ve the week is Candie, I love her a lot m!!!( all dolls that is!!) :)

  14. My 1st AG doll was, Samantha Parkington (brace yourself for my life story XD) I got her on Chritsmas 2007, (I was 7). Ever since then, she’s remained my absoulute favorite of my 4 AG dolls!

  15. my first doll was julie albright i also have mckenna and i use my sisters dolls that she grew out of! i am saving up for a my ag doll (light skin w/ freckles, wavy brow hair, and hazel eyes) only 50 busks to go!!

  16. My first doll was a girl of today I named her “elizabeth”

  17. i got my first doll a month ago during the free shipping sale she is a my ag doll 47 her name is julianna and i love her

  18. Hey char , first I love all the picture and two can I send in a picture of my kirsten doll please

  19. My first AG was Elizabeth. I got her for my 10th birthday, which seems like forever ago, but it wasn’t. Lol!
    Delilah- Congratulations! Thats a heartwarming story. : )

  20. Michaela says:

    I was the one who suggested this, actually. I’m so glad you decided to use it! My first doll was Samantha and I got her for Christmas of ’07.

  21. Samantha! : )

  22. No way claire! Just like me!

    Anyway, my first ag doll was Rebecca and shes my only one. Still, that doesnt include my othet 83 dolls. My first Barbie was the little bit older Barbie. My first baby dolls were two little baby twins ( boy and girl) and now I’m a collecter.

  23. caroline says:

    my first doll was kirsten, but she needs a little doll hospital help.

  24. My first 18 inch was Maplelea Taryn, but my first AG is Ms. McKenna. Sadly Jenna is stuck in the middle :)

  25. Ryan-Kennedy says:

    My first doll was Nicki,girl of the year 2007.

  26. My first doll was Julie in 2007. Now I have 7 dolls. I’m about $60 away from getting McKenna!

  27. Caroline – there’s this website called dollhospitial and u go to the wigs and theres a blonde wwig that’s $28

  28. Hayley – absolutely!

  29. My fist 18 inch doll I got for Christmas in 2009. The box said her name was jenny but I thought she looked a friend I had named Mary so I named her Mary Jenny my mom said who we can call her M.J. for short the name just stuck today. Her hair is really bad but it was never that good to begin with (Our Generation supper cut super bad hair) and one of her eyelashes has been trying to fall out since I got her. All in all she is a great doll.

  30. My first doll was Rebecca Rubin. I had a collection of Barbie and Bratz but never played with them. Then I found out about American Girl. The only dolls that I ever got from there are the mini dolls. I never wanted an 18 inch doll. I only wanted the ones that were archived. I never got one until a trip to an American Girl Store that changed my doll life forever. And i saw Rebecca and as soon as I held her it was love at first sight. We bought her and it was the happiest day of my life. Aftter a while I thought she needed company. I could not find the perfect best friend doll until Cecile and Marie-Grace came out. I fell in love and bought Marie Grace. Recently I really wanted a new doll. It’s been a long doll search but I finally decided I really want Noelle from BFC Ink.

  31. agisthebest says:

    my first doll was molly. i also got emily on that day. i got them on the day after a got a good report card. i was always asking for an american girl, especially molly. when i got home that day, i went into the den and i found molly and emily (along with some of their clothes) on our couch. i screamed. it was the best day ever. lol

  32. Aww, it’s sweet to see Nicole’s progression over the years that she has been with your daughter! It’s obvious that she has been very loved! :)

    My first actual American Girl doll was Molly McIntire, who I received back in 1996 when I was 7 years old. I had her for 4 years before I got another (who just happened to be Kit!), and we did everything together. She slept with me every night, she went on vacation with me, she accompanied me to friends’ houses, etc. She became like the sister I never had. Although I have many more AGs now, some of whom see much more attention than Molly does now, she’ll always have a special place in my heart. She represents my childhood! There’s nothing more special than that.

  33. I got Emily for Christmas still thinking about getting my second doll from eBay !!!!

  34. My very first american girl was Chrissa. I wanted her for My birthday and she was backordered so i had too wait! but when she came i went to the post office with my mom and opened her myself. i took her EVERYWHERE!
    i eventually stopped carrying her around after i got my second ag Gwen, witch my dad had ordered before i even got chrissa as a birthday gift!

    i now have 6 ag dolls who are, in order,….

    and i love them all!

  35. My only AG dolls are (in order of when I got them):-
    Mackenzie (MAG #39)
    Kira (Marie-Grace)
    McKenna (coming in October)

    I have other brands. Here is my Australian Girl Dolls:-

    I’ve got 2 Journey Girl Dolls:-
    Merridy (Meredith)

    And an Adora Playtime Baby with white skin and brown hair called Bessie!

  36. Laura – you could not have said it any better! Nicole has a very special place in Megan’s heart and does represent her childhood – whether she chooses to keep her on display in her room or not, doesn’t matter – she still means the world to her.

  37. Princess Belle says:

    Well… My fist eighteen inch doll is Maplelea Taryn, and she is still my only one. I hope I can get McKenna or Saila soon… STILL not sure which one to get! Can anyone help me out here?

  38. agisthebest says:

    princess belle- the are both pretty, but i think you should get McKenna. she is an american girl, so she is a very good doll. i have her and she is one of my favs.and +, shes only here for one year! if you got her she would be a collector and you would not regret it. McKenna is the most beautiful doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. My first doll was Julie Albright and I got her for my 8th birthday. It’s amazing that I’ve gotten so many more since then!

  40. My dolls (in order) are:

    Emily 2007
    Lanie 2010
    Molly 2010
    Julie 2010
    Lily 2011 (Our Generation doll from Target)
    Kaya 2012

    On my wish list are:

    Sydney Lee (our generation)
    Leonie (Maplelea)
    Kyla (Journey Girls)

  41. My first doll was Elizabeth Cole! What an amazing doll! She’s amazing!
    And I have Kirsten already so probably won’t get MAG #3 cause I don’t want dolls too similar to my other dolls… So, yeah :)

  42. My first doll was Nellie, Samantha’s friend. She somewhat favored me at the time. I realized that as I got older, and my hairstyle changed, so did my choice in dolls. I went from short hair with bangs (Nellie) to short with no bangs (Kit) to longer with no bangs (Felicity and Elizabeth) back to more medium length (Emily and Molly) and finally long and my hair got curly so I got Ruthie and then later on Rebecca. So I guess that kinda counts as my dolls maturing with me. The older I got, I got dolls that look older. I love all eight of my dolls! You can tell Nellie is well loved. She is sorta squishy in her torso.