Karen here and I have been a huge fan of the 6 inch mini dolls since first finding them in the Seattle American Girl Store in 2011. My First 6 inch American Girl Doll was Rebecca. She is my favorite.ย 

I originally bought the 6 inch doll as I really wanted to buy the 18 inch version but I could not justify doing so at the time. Now I am thrilled I bought her when I did. I found so much enjoyment in these little 6 inch versions of the historical American Girl Dolls. They had so much play-ability!

Having Rebecca in 6 inch form made challenged my creativity! At the time there was not much on the market pattern wise for the 6 inch dolls.

I set off to create items to make 6 inch dolls more appealing to doll collectors and doll lovers a like. I practiced my own sewing and tried my hand at pattern designs for the 6 inch dolls.

I also began reaching out through my own blog to Etsy shop owners and doll clothes designers to create for these wonderful little dolls. I wrote about shops making mini doll outfits, accessories and furniture. I also began adding to my 6 inch doll collection and ordering these mini dolls for my own nieces as birthday gifts.

I love that these little dolls fit perfectly in your bag or purse and that you can really take doll play anywhere.ย  There will always be a soft spot in my heart for these soft bodied mini 6 inch American Girl Dolls. Now the 6 inch dolls have hard bodies and I just ordered my first one! I can not wait to share her with you on another Doll of the Week Spotlight.