Karen here and today I am sharing with you a bit about my Springfield Doll Madison. She is a really beautiful 18 inch dolly. One of the things I love about Springfield Dolls is their smiling faces and cheeks! Springfield dolls were the first 18 inch dolls I ever had. They were easy to find here in Canada as Michael’s  the craft store carried them and the line of doll clothing and accessories long before the 18 inch doll movement became so popular here. 

The above photo is from the first day I got Madison. She is a doll that looks good in every thing I put on her, even her yellow meet outfit is adorable on her! Madison has a very  curly wig that I highly recommend you “Finger Style” in fact I usually leave her hair up.

Madison is a frequent guest at our dolly tea parties and she photographs really well!

Springfield Dolls has just released some fun new outfits in their on line shop and I was fortunate enough to be sent several of the outfits to review.  The Asymmetic-Tank Top and Blue Leggings look fantastic on  Madison.

Springfield Dolls also released a White Denim Jacket and Scarf Set that works with so many of their great outfits! This one is a favorite of mine and the new Multicolored Glitter Flat shoes are perfect for dressing up or down your dolls! If only they came in my size!

 Madison and I had fun taking photos in all her new clothes and her new clothes will look wonderful on all my 18 inch dolls.

Madison is such a special doll to me for so many reasons, her adorable face always makes me smile and she is a wonderful addition to my doll family!