Karen here and today I am sharing with you one of my most favorite 18 inch dolls. Hannah is her name and she is an Extra Special Doll. (These dolls were previously called Dolls For Downs.)

Hannah is such an important doll to me as what makes her special is that she was created by a Mom and her daughter also named Hannah, a child with Down Syndrome who loved doll play and especially American Girl Dolls but never found a doll that looked just like her.

Hannah and her mom Connie’s vision have given the doll community the most beautiful gift, a line of beautiful dolls that represents  doll lovers who can now finally find dolls that look just like them.

As a mom and doll lover I purchased my Hannah Doll in pre-production. It is so important to me have and use my Hannah Doll in my work in the Dolly world and I feel this doll is a gift and a voice for many doll lovers.

Hannah (the doll) is a favorite of my nieces as much as she is a favorite of mine. On a recent sleep over at Aunty Karen’s my nieces were fighting over who got to hold Hannah for the movie! My niece Thea won the battle and as you can see she was very pleased!

Hannah is a hard bodied doll who fits most commercial 18 inch doll clothes. She has a bit of a skinnier waist and the cutest belly button! She was designed for more then just regular doll play. Being all vinyl she can experience some water play. Her “meet” outfit was designed with fine motor skills in mind. She has an over sized zipper-back dress, a working belt, a sweater with buttons as well as shoes that tie up, the laces are even longer then most commercial doll shoes. This encourages those fine motor skills in children and helps them to become more independent through doll play.

Using Hannah in my work is not only fun but it is very important to me, she is just as loved as much as (if not more) then my other dolls and she has just that extra element of cuteness that always makes me smile when I see her. She is truly Extra special!  Doll lovers of all abilities, ages and collectors alike find these wonderful dolls make a great addition to their doll families just like I do. Extra Special Dolls offers 17 girl dolls and 9 boys doll options.  To find out more about how to bring a doll like Hannah home to your doll family please visit Extra Special Doll’s website by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed a look at one of my most favorite dolls!