When I was first introduced to the Springfield Collection dolls, I was really captivated by Madison. The company had sent me one of each of their dolls to review and once I had done the review, Natalie and I decided to keep Madison and Olivia and donate Abby, Emma and Maria to three little girls in need at her school that Christmas. The more I looked at Maria in the store and on the Springfield website, the more I just really liked her. In conjunction with some upcoming giveaways, Springfield sent me some new “models” and Maria is among them. Isn’t she so cute?


Manufacturer Fibrecraft
Size 18″
Body details Soft vinyl arms and legs, cloth body
Face Soft vinyl with painted features
Eyes Deep brown sleep eyes
Hair Rooted straight, black hair
Can share clothes with Most other 18″ brands like American Girl, Maplelea, Madame Alexander and more
Average price $18-22
Where to buy Springfield Online Store, Joann, Michaels, AC Moore
Recommended for ages 3 & up

Maria, who used to be called Sofia, is a Latina who has big brown eyes and soft, friendly facial features. She is wearing the Springfield Lime Shrug and Skirt set that we will be giving away VERY soon! It is the perfect outfit to welcome in Springtime and it has a real Easter feel to it. She is wearing the white platform sandals from Madame Alexander’s Favorite Friends line and the little frog next to her is Jeremy from the Peter Rabbit line who is actually a finger puppet.

Maria’s straight long hair is very easy to work with – just remember to store her in an upright position and give her hair a bit of a spritz before you start brushing it – making sure you work from the ends to the top. Maria would make a great sister for Josefina, a groovy best friend for Julie, and she is also a wonderful starter doll for girls who may just be starting their 18″ doll adventure.

Springfield dolls are slightly thinner than their American Girl cousins, but they can share clothes. Maria is wearing Saige’s Sparkle Dress and Gold Boots. The boots look a little funny because they are big around the calf, but they work 😉 Not all 18″ doll shoes are interchangeable with the Springfield dolls – their feet are a little longer so it really depends on the shoe style.

Now I think Maria looks fantastic in Maplelea Doll Saila’s meet outfit. The coloring really works for her!  Maplelea and Springfield dolls can actually share shoes as well as clothes as they are built with almost the exact same measurements.

Springfield dolls are really very affordable – for example, right now Joann.com has an offer for 40% off one item (40% Off the Regular Price of One Item at Joann.com ( Code:AE757 ) which means you can get one for less than $12 – you really cannot beat that for a good quality 18″ play doll. 

I have decide that I will put all the printable trading cards and some mini posters for the dolls featured each week into a separate post on Saturdays. This gives me a little more time to get them done and you still get a printable on a regular basis.

So, what do you think of the Springfield dolls? Which one is your favorite? Which one of Maria’s looks do you like today?